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How To Sell A House In A Difficult Market

By Lex Levinrad Are you having a hard time selling your house in today’s market? As prices have declined and as sellers have become more desperate to sell it has become increasingly difficult to sell a house for fair market value. More than 50% of the properties that are listed on the MLS are either […]

Helping Others while Making Money in Real Estate

By Leon McKenzie, CEO, US Probate Leads Are you looking for ways to do something meaningful with your life? Studies have shown that all of us, not just millennials, want a job that does good in the world. Helping someone who has recently lost a loved one is one way to do that. Imagine this: […]

Personal Property vs. Real Property

By Randy Hughes It is fascinating to me that real estate starts out as personal property (boxes of ceiling tile, carpet, lumber, etc.) and once it is assembled it becomes real estate. Then, when we place the property into a Land Trust, it again becomes personal property to the beneficiary of the trust. Why is […]

The Perfect Investment…One Of Real Estates’ Best Kept Secrets

By Reggie Brooks When we look at the investment opportunities in the marketplace, we see the same old patterns. “The greater the risk, the greater the reward”. To see where this is played out, look at the stock market. While fortunes have been made in the stock market, fortunes have also been lost in the […]

Real Estate Investing With No Money Or Credit

By Laura Alamery So, you want to be your own boss and do not want to put a lot of start-up capital into your venture. You have been researching which business options might be best for you and keep reading about real estate wholesaling and other strategies that allow you to make a profit in […]