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By Glenn Mananeng Inflation is an increase in prices for goods and services. In other words, as time goes by, your buying power becomes less compared to the previous years with the same amount of money. Picture yourself in the 90s and you have around $1 million dollars. Seems like a hefty amount of money […]

Senior Housing – Big Box vs A Real “Home”

By Gene Guarino What would you rather live in… a “home” or a warehouse? When it comes to senior housing facilities, there are generally two types: Big Box facilities and Residential Assisted Living Homes. In general they offer the same type of service, but how they deliver the housing or a “home” experience is very […]


By Glenn Mananeng So, you’ve finally decided to sell your house. You prep up the property, do all of the paperwork, get it listed and think that you’re good to go, only to find nobody’s buying your house. Bummer right? Well, you have to back up a bit and think why; is there something wrong […]

Who Is Real Estate Fund Investing For?

By Fuquan Bilal Who is investing in real estate funds best for? There are many ways to invest in real estate. You can try to fix and flip houses DIY style, do the Airbnb thing, rent multifamily apartments to students, and buy mortgage notes. Then there is simply investing in the real estate funds that […]

Illinois Land Trusts

By Randy Hughes There is no federal land trust law. Each state either has a Land Trust Statute or trust laws that govern the validity of using a Land Trust to hold title to real estate. In past articles I have covered; Florida, Virginia and California. This issue of my Land Trust University newsletter will […]

4 Real Estate Investing Strategies for New Investors

By Corey Tyner Getting into the business of buying and selling homes can be daunting — especially for new investors. However, just like any other investment, everything revolves around the fundamentals. We’ve created this infographic to guide new real estate investors and help them get started on achieving those long-term financial goals. There are many […]

Assisted Living Explained

By Gene Guarino What is Assisted Living? A lot of people think that assisted living means a big institution. In the old days, that’s what it was. What it is today is completely different. When you think about living at home, all of the comforts of home and there are other people in that home. […]

Junior Liens Who Choose to Foreclose

By Edward Brown Many lenders opt to only fund first mortgages because they believe that second mortgages are too risky, but is that always the case? Not always. Not all second mortgages are equal. Many private lenders may choose to fund a junior lien where the first mortgage is relatively small in comparison to the […]