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Liens and Encumbrances Affecting Real Property

By Dan Harkey What is a Lien? A lien is a legal right, usually referred to as a security interest, in real or personal property given to a creditor to hold and possess as consideration for a loan. The creditor /lender has a charging interest against the collateral and may seek possession in the event […]

Skrrt, Skrrt… Cars and Real Estate…

Exclusive Article by Fuquan Bilal, NNG Capital Fund Before I discovered real estate I had a passion for cars. I even owned a body shop as one of my first businesses. I now keep my businesses and investments diversified within the real estate industry. Yet, I still love cars, and there are a lot of […]

The Deal of the Century

By Alton Jones Is this your last opportunity to create greatness? For all we know, it might be. That’s certainly how I live my life. But as the holidays come up, I see more people getting into the slowdown mindset. Thinking they won’t be able to do anything between Thanksgiving and new years, they stop […]

Are You Ready To Live Overseas? Before You Move, Read This.

-Special Submission by Matt Malouf- The surge of Americans living full-time and seasonally abroad continues. Currently, The Association of Americans Resident Overseas (AAR) estimates that 8.7 million American reside oversees. Our editors have seen many real estate investors who read our publications make that transition. Their reasons are varied, but have included: to retire early […]

LIVE WEBINAR: Kansas City vs Dayton, Ohio

Dear Realty411 Reader, You are invited to join Phil Alexander from Maverick Investor Group on a live webinar this Tuesday, where he will break down two of the hottest rental property markets this year: Kansas City and Dayton, Ohio. They are very different markets, so…how do you decide between the two? What are the real […]