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$30,000 Flips in Your Own Backyard!

By Reggie Brooks Whether it’s quick cash that you need right now, or long term wealth that you’re looking to build, it can be done fairly quickly, and Vacant Property specialist Reggie Brooks is the expert to teach you how to do it. Reggie’s going to teach you the steps he took to go from […]


By Kathy Kennebrook (The Marketing Magic Lady) I recently read that the definition of an Entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds the plane on the way down. I would have to totally agree with this sentiment.  Jumping off into “Never-never land” is almost “par for the course.” When we first started […]

Get a Whiff of What Tim Herriage is Cooking Now…

Learn Why Tim Sold His Real Estate Agency Business to Concentrate on His New Mantras: Balance & Barbecue Award winning real estate entrepreneur Tim Herriage is cooking up something new for investors and business owners. Have you reserved your seat at the table yet? Tim is the real deal. You probably know him from some […]

Are You in A Bubbly Market? If So What do You Do?

So what do you do when the market is rising and Investors everywhere have become motivated buyers? – Jimmy Reed It seems everyone has just started buying any and everything in real estate and for very high prices. You go to the tax sales and they sell for more than the Tax value and many […]

Constructive Receipt: A Hidden 1031 Exchange Danger

By Dr. Robert G. Hetsler, Jr. When done correctly, a #1031 exchange can be a fairly straightforward process. However, there is often one area that catches potential exchangers off guard. The concept of constructive receipt often torpedoes the tax deferred nature of an exchange, and subjects the exchanger to immediate capital gains taxes. So what […]

Why Banks Do Not Allow Junior Liens

By Edward Brown Ever wonder why bank’s voluminous real estate loan documents usually include a covenant that the borrower has to accept which prohibits junior [or secondary financing]? Most of the time, these covenants don’t even have language that allows for secondary financing with lender approval. They merely state that no junior liens are allowed. […]


By Reggie Brooks A thorough inspection of the subject property will serve as a basis from which to begin the rehabilitation. Until you are experienced enough to perform this inspection yourself, it is wise to seek the services of a competent professional. Most contractors will give you a free estimate of repairs when they know […]

Some Real Estate Lessons

By Bruce Kellogg Introduction This is the story of the property in Fig. 1, which is a 3,800 square foot Victorian house that was built in 1898 ( i.e., age 120).  Some years ago, it was converted into five studios and three 1-bedroom apartment units. The purpose of this story is to illustrate many lessons […]

Yikes! My Marketing isn’t Working!

By Sharon Vornholt My marketing isn’t working is a statement that I hear just about every week. When I start to ask people about their branding, I always get the same surprised look. Then that person usually says something like, “I’ll worry about branding when my marketing is on track”. I have to tell you, […]