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Double Your Return With a Tax Efficient 401k Strategy

By Clint Coons Most real estate investors are aware they can use their self directed IRA to invest in real estate.  I have quite a few posts on this topic.  If you are familiar with any of these prior posts you probably know I am not a fan of the self directed IRA unless you […]

Improving Quality of Life through Real Estate Investment

Featuring Dennis Henson An exclusive interview with Dennis Henson on enhancing life while making fortunes on single family… Dennis Henson has been investing in real estate longer than most real estate experts have been out of diapers. He’s seen the market from every angle, seen it rise and dip, and rise again. Today Dennis Henson […]

Vast Inventory of Underwater Homes Causing Lead Shortage

By Leon McKenzie Professional real estate investors who are looking for properties have had a hard time finding a good supply recently.  Market forces, issues with the overall banking industry and consumer perception have all created changes to the real estate industry that have certainly hampered the purchases of homes and other forms of real […]

Outdoor Features That Help Sell Homes

By Damien Justus If your home is for sale by owner, you’ve probably heard that you’re at a disadvantage. Using a professional real estate agent is helpful to some, but numerous homeowners can focus on selling their own homes on their own terms regularly. By doing your homework and learning what it is that goes […]

Understanding the Mindset of the Investor

By Leonard Rosen In my 38  years of being involved in the real estate marketplace, I have come to the conclusion that not many promoters of real estate syndication understand the mind set of of the investor. In order to begin the process of raising capital, the promoter needs to understand the risk tolerance and […]

Crush Those Goals!

By Sensei Gilliland This is not your average financial planning article… If you want to be lulled into a half conscious Sunday afternoon post-game coma, or find yet another excuse to go back and take another 6 months to build a business and investment plan, this is not the advice you want to read. If […]