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Key Vocabulary for 1031 Exchanges

By Dr. Robert G. Hetsler, Jr. If you’re new to the world of section #1031 of the IRS Tax Code, the terminology that comes along with these tax-saving exchanges can be confusing. To help you understand the phrases you will undoubtedly hear if you choose to complete a tax-deferred 1031 exchange, here’s a list of […]

Steve Bighaus: Leveraging Technology to Improve Investor Lending

By Anita Cooper Investing in property can be frustrating, especially when you’re always searching for good financing options that suit where you’re at as an investor. Having someone in your corner to provide quality information and advice can help you reach your goals more quickly than going it alone. As founder of Team Bighaus, Steve’s […]

The 3 Things Investors Need Most in 2019

By Fuquan Bilal Do you have the three things you need most out of your investing for this year and beyond? Many are finding it hard to make sense of the market right now. The media headlines proclaim the economy is awesome and supercharged with growth and low unemployment. Yet, the hard data and other […]

When You Can’t Find Real Estate Leads, Look to Probate!

By Leon McKenzie The real estate industry is changing. With more and more competition in the marketplace, challenges in getting a loan and cautious homeowners staying put, it can be nearly impossible to find property that you might be interested in purchasing for your real estate portfolio. Is there a solution? Is there a way […]

Want to Build Your Probate Business? You Need a Great Lead Source!

By Leon McKenzie Today’s real estate investors face the uncertainty that a changing market brings. From issues with lending to interest rates and disclosures, building a real estate business can be a daily challenge – though one that can be met with hard work and a dedication to the industry. If you are building a […]