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BREAKING: Exclusive Feature, Plus VIRTUAL Conference Giveaway

Hot off the press is Realty411‘s new exclusive feature spotlighting Sunil Tulsiani’s Wealth Mastery virtual event with amazing masters of real estate.

In this exclusive article, we have a former cop turned real-estate mogul and Rich Dad’s ® founder, Robert Kiyosaki, on the front cover of our upcoming Realty411 issue.

Sunil went from being a police detective to working with people like Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield and many more.

Here’s the link to this incredible front cover story:

Please be inspired to take action today. Thank you, and feel free to share this with other investors.

Linda Pliagas, Publisher

PS – By the way, you can get a Complimentary Ticket to meet these incredible people, plus others, on Dec 5th for a live, virtual conference.

For more information, please go to:

John Jackson 1

We Snagged The Nation’s TOP Lease Option Educator

Dear Serious Real Estate Investor;

As the market changes from a SELLERS’ market to a BUYERS’ market, there are a few strategies that are going to CRUSH it.

The easiest and fastest one to implement?


This is where John Jackson comes in.

In case you are not familiar with who John Jackson is, John is considered the nation’s TOP educator when it comes to the subject of Lease Options.

John Jackson 2

So why am I introducing you to John?

Because the market is CHANGING and it is quickly becoming a BUYER’S market, and what is the BEST and most SIMPLE strategy in a buyer’s market?


You see, the post pandemic market is about to make a dramatic shift over the next several months and possibly years.

Will it be as bad as 2008?

I don’t know for certain. Nobody does.

But as things unfold there will be a LOT of uncertainty and sellers needing help. Because of this I wanted to introduce you to John who is a good friend of mine and is THE go-to guy in uncertain or down markets.

You’ve probably heard me mention John before as we’ve known each other a number of years.

John is often called the “King of Lease Options” and with good reason. He has specialized in lease options since 2003, and has even taught a number of the nation’s top educators.

Let’s just say this. He is THE guy that even the top educators call when they have a question or often times send their students to.

I guess you could almost call him the “Yoda of Lease Options”!

You see, the real estate world is just STARTING to see challenges and in the coming months it will be progressively harder and harder for sellers to sell, and lease options are the BEST strategy in a market like this.

Lease options THRIVE in a down market and the market we are going to see could be similar to 2008, and there is no greater educator on lease options than John.

Sellers will be more and more desperate for a Plan B and lease options are the PERFECT Plan B, BUT, you have to know how to structure them properly for a Win-Win-Win transaction.

Now, because John Jackson is extremely sought after right now given the market, and this is such TIME SENSITIVE training, you will NOT want to miss this virtual event.

Let me be VERY clear on a few things so that you understand EXACTLY how important this training is:

  • John has offered to do a LIVE virtual training.
    This is LIVE, not pre-recorded.
  • Because of this, John will only be doing ONE training,
    this Thursday July 2nd at 3 PM CENTRAL
  • He will be taking questions on the call.
  • He is THE Texas lease options expert as well,
    so if you are from Texas, he is your guy.
  • The platform only holds 100 REGISTRANTS! PERIOD!
  • Using the lease option strategies he will be teaching, you can
    easily make $10,000 on houses with no equity WHILE helping sellers.
  • Nobody else offers this training but John Jackson
  • The platform only holds 100 REGISTRANTS. Period.

I will be e-mailing you a number of e-mails with the opportunity to register over the next few days, but let’s be honest here.

John is one of the most sought after educators in real estate right now, and what he will be sharing on this training is VITAL to help sellers and buyers in the coming post-pandemic market.

So, if you wait to register, you risk NOT getting a spot at the table. And in case you are wondering, this e-mail just went out to over 72,000 people. Yes, that’s right, 72,000 people, but only 100 will even have a chance.

Are you going to be one of them?

When: Thursday July 2nd, 3:00 PM CENTRAL.


To your success,
Linda Pliagas
Realty411 & REI Wealth Magazines

car-racing-1404063 featured

Kick The Learning Curve To The Curb: Hit The Gas On Your Real Estate Goals

By Peter Vekselman

Peter Vekselman is looking for aspiring investors who are willing to put in some hustle. In return, his partners not only gain the benefit of a high performance team, but all the money you could ask for to fund your deals too.

Nothing Is The Same Here

Dubbed ‘America’s Real Estate Investor Expert’, Peter Vekselman has been featured on Market Insider, ABC, Fox, and in the Boston Herald and Washington Business Journal.

We managed to catch up with Peter in between writing earnest money deposit checks for thousands of dollars for his partners’ property deals. He is a house flipper, investor and funding partner with offices in multiple states. Though, that’s about where the similarities between Peter and all of those real estate investing ‘gurus’ ends.

As he says “nothing is the same here.” There are a lot of real estate investors who have done a few deals, and now have crowned themselves as educators. The majority of them don’t seem to be doing much in real estate anymore, except for selling books, and more events.

While he may already be very successful, Peter is still in the trenches, doing deals every month. He believes in sharing that knowledge and training the next generation of investors, but his approach is very different. He’s willing to partner with those who are serious and willing to put in some hustle. He’s willing to do deals right alongside them, and put his money on the line to fund their success.

Bringing Home The Bacon With Brick Houses

brick housesWhen his camera crew isn’t catching him enjoying a thoughtful moment with an Arturo or Brick House cigar, Peter is hosting live coaching sessions, or hugging and high-fiving his student-partners who have seen their lives changed by what real estate can do for them when done right.

This mentor has been in the business for over 22 years – clocking up over 3,600 real estate deals over the years.

Being transparent, Vekselman tells us that his Partner Driven program helps him do more deal flow every month. As any experienced real estate pro knows, once you start hitting 15 to 30 transactions every month, it takes a team. It takes manpower and womanpower and partners.

So, in exchange for helping aspiring investors avoid all the pain and expense of the pitfalls that are out there waiting for them, Peter partners with them, gets real deals done, and they split the profits 50/50.

Success Stories

Peter’s websites sport numerous success stories of those who have partnered with him already.

DSC_0348 smallThere is Denisha, a mother of six in South Florida, who did her first deal with no money for her own down payment – who made a profit of $18,300.

There is 20 year old ex-bank teller Alex, who went from making a measly $1,500 a month salary to scoring $52,000 on his first deal with Peter.

Then there is Ivo, who made $26,000 on his first deal, fresh out of school, and has gone on to closing over 200 transactions, and starting – a company that is now doing 8 to 10 deals a month.

No Guru Has This…

He does not proclaim to be a guru, yet, if you want to compare Peter to those other guys, he says “no guru has this…”

Those who join the Partner Driven program get:

● One on one coaching
● A professional team already in place
● Help with every step of structuring and closing deals
● Support and marketing materials
● Contracts and help using them
● Experts to rehab properties

That’s just the foundation. He’ll not only show you how to do the deals, he’ll put up 100% of the money needed to get them done. That means deposit money, closing costs, purchase money and repair money.

DSC_0077 smallSome people say they will do these things, and then just leave their students hanging in the wind, out on their own to try and find deals, and deals that work.

Not here. Peter has personally jumped on jets to go meet with sellers and get deals closed for his partners. He even provides an in-house team who help partners with all the research for finding local pre-foreclosure deals and ripe single family homes to bank on. You get a real pro to stand by your side, and get to use his experience and money.

What’s The Strategy?

chess-3325010 smallVekselman says “this is a fast paced market, where there is a lot of competition, but where flipping homes and wholesaling houses can be incredibly profitable.”

These are the two most popular strategies used by his student-partners. Though many have gone on to expand their own businesses into great personal brands and diverse empires of their own.

If you’re really serious, and willing to at least put in the work part-time, and truly take action, Peter invites you to call him directly. Pick up your phone and dial (404) 915-9685.

If you want to learn more, and see the types of results others are getting first, hop onto, and check out the Facebook group too.


Wondering What to do NOW In Real Estate? (Part 1)

By Jimmy V. Reed

So what do you do when the market is flooded with so much
Competition? How do you really get Wealthy in Real Estate? Getting fed up!?? How about Real Wealth Deals???

It seems everyone has started buying any and everything in real estate and the worst part is everybody is in real estate and everyone in real estate is claiming to be some kind of Expert! There is so much overload on what you should do and how you should to do it. It can certainly drive a person crazy just starting out in the business. Well it can also drive a 30 plus year Seasoned investor crazy too!

human-3175027_1280So, what happened? Well Social Media and the Internet has given everyone access to everyone and everything real estate. To top it off you can get a lot of new wanna be investors mixed in with those who are really serious and interested in investing, that in return creates so much run around that it sometimes all seems like a big waste of time. All these Experts are saying you need to be on Facebook, Craigs List, every Internet site there is. Market everywhere & to everyone, and yet I think when you send an email these days everyone just gets use to hitting the delete button from all the overload of emails, they no longer even really read them.

Now let’s step back to the days of old, by the way everyone out there will also tell you old stuff wont work. But give me a minute and I can explain, “yes it can”! See there is a higher level of investing from what I call Real Networking. You see most investors today go to all these free Networking events, well because there free! Broke people tend to be the majority at most of these Networking events. Go back in time yet even still today and you find that the Wealthy still Network like they always have. They’re at their Monday Golf games, or their every Tuesday lunch meeting with the 2 to 4 people that they have done business with over the years.

yacht-4292334_1280You see the Wealthy hang out with other wealthy people. They want the people around them to be smarter & wealthier than themselves. And no matter what the investment or the technique they use to get it done there are some basic principles that never change. So, let’s talk about some of the most important.

First most people may start out just like I did, broke! So, they go straight for the greatest technique Wholesale! But now days it’s changed a lot. If you are in a market where prices are soaring and everyone and their mother is your competition, then it’s going to be tough! You also must look at where you are looking for your potential deals? Is it on Social Media? MLS? Keep in mind now days everyone likes to market that they have an “OFF Market Deal” as they scream that out over the Internet to the whole world. So, what do you do?

Well first let’s list other ways to make Money vs get Wealthy. Second thought lets just go for Wealthy! However, before I do let me help a little with Wholesale. How about Wholesaling Notes. You may have less competition. Or look at Probate but not a list! Check out other articles or our website about these and other ways to find deals with less competition at

Now Wealth, real Wealth is really just this simple, whether you like it or not. “You Buy & Sell to create Cash! And You Buy & Hold to Become Wealthy!” If you just keep buying and selling you will always be working a job. Regardless if you are Wholesaling or Flipping Rehabs, it’s just work, a JOB!

sale-3701773_1280Holding Houses or any real estate that pays you Monthly is the first step to becoming Wealthy. By the way holding houses verses holding notes both are great, but the notes do eventually come to an end. Holding assets that produce income in the right Markets will always keep you in the Cash Flow regardless if you work or not.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself well how are you going to do that with no money, well you’re not, but someone may be able to help you. That is exactly how I got started back in the late 80’s. I found a partner with money to put down to get a house we could buy, fix and sell. However about 6 months in it became a buy & hold asset instead. I won’t go into all the details but basically it became one of my first rentals.

Now I know many will say I don’t want a rental, or I don’t want to manage property, or even the most popular “tenants will just tear it up”. Well I can agree with you on all of that. However, after 30 plus years of investing this one strategy of Buy & Hold has truly been how we have made the most money over time. We have had every issue you can think of from damages to drug raids even fires, you name it and it has happened to us.

taxes-646511_1280-1024x538So, get over it! Here is what you need to focus on, one you have tax benefits, two you have Monthly income, and third you can refi the property several times over the years you hold title on it. Lastly you can even use that refi money to purchase more rentals. Start to build your portfolio and start creating a line of credit with the equity. So much more I can tell you, but I want to get to the bigger picture here.

After having rentals for many years including apartment buildings, duplexes etc… I decided to kick up my Wholesale machine the last couple of years, and low and behold I can’t seem to find any REAL Wholesale Deals! All those new people have driven the market up and created so much competition its just not as easy to get great deals as it use to be. However, via our Network and searching in the areas that have less competition we do find some great deals. But again, prices are nuts and the rehab has gone up all because our Market is HOT!

So now to what this whole article is really about, and that is going to Markets just outside the major Markets. See I live in what we call here in North Texas as the DFW Market. Over the last several years we went from some 5 plus million people to over 7 million plus. Outside buyers from higher priced markets such as California, New York, etc… have driven up our prices with all the demand. So, everyone has jumped into the real estate game.

new-home-1664284_1280So, as you have probably figured out, I like to be in my own little arena where no one else is playing or at lest very few. I aim for the strategy most investors are not, and buying rentals is one of those. Especially if that rental is NEW Construction. Yes, we are starting to do something a lot of Texans in the past just would not do, and that is travel outside our markets like the Californian Investor has done for years.

Only thing is we don’t have to travel that far. You see we have found some really hot markets anywhere from a 30-minute drive up to a round 3 hours outside the booming DFW Market. Best of all I’m now buying New Construction houses with all the higher end fixtures, flooring, even all brick construction. Best of all they cost less than that 1960 or 1970 home I buy in my backyard that still needs $30 to 50k in rehab on top of the purchase price. Even after those houses are rehabbed, they still are older houses.

So, let me tell you this article will be a two-part piece. This first part we will look at some of these new construction properties in these out of the Metroplex market. Yes, they still have a high demand and do cash flow as rentals. In the next issue (Part 2) we will talk about these properties and how to take the standard rental and have the option to turn it into a VRBO, for in many cases you will triple the Cash Flow!

So lets begin with the market where I am buying New Construction for rental only just less than an hour to hour and half outside the DFW Market. By the way we even have a great Property Manager we work with from our real estate club who can manage them.

What I’m purchasing are properties that are typically 2-1 or 2-2 brick houses with all the high-end fixtures and flooring and even include the stainless steel or black appliances. These properties are smaller but there is a demand for the price point as a rental and even as a resale later.

architecture-2804069_1280The little town they are in was voted as the number 1 Historic Downtown in the USA. And let me tell you the Market is rocking with just a few Investors. Many DFW Investors don’t even know about how Hot the Market is here. Here is a little glimpse of it.

Yes, this little town is booming with growth and not enough properties for the growth. More importantly hardly any affordable rentals in the area. And when you find something for rent that is close to being affordable its most likely a mobile home.

So, opportunity has arrived! We can get these homes anywhere from around $158 -$165k and they can rent from $1,300 to $1,400 a Month. Keep in mind you have a new product, so repairs are very minimal. Then, because of the lake access and the properties being less than a few miles from the Square they could also be used as VRBO and Airbnb. We will talk more about that in next Month’s article.

Imagine having brand new construction houses in the hottest little Market in the US just South of the DFW Area which is rated 4th largest Metropolitan area in the US. Just 30-minute drive from Fort Worth and another 45 – 75 minutes from Arlington, and Dallas.

Granbury TexasAt the time I’m writing this Linda the owner of Realty 411 & REI Wealth has asked us to help out at her October 2020 Texas Expo. Last year we did a bus tour for rehabbing properties. This year if all goes to plan, we will be doing it again, but this time the Bus training is going to Granbury for New Construction Investing!

Make sure to keep an eye out in the magazine and Realty 411 Marketing emails so you can make it to Texas for the Lone Star Expo! Also don’t forget next Months magazine with part 2 of this article.

So, in closing for this first article was to help get you out of the box of doing what everyone else does. When we travel the country speaking at clubs and Expos, we always talk about how to Wholesale in today’s market and also how to look in areas most do not such as Probate. Sometimes we will even do a 1- or 2-Day Training in the area to teach on these subjects and more. This year part of our full day events we will include these new construction opportunities along with using them as VRBO and Airbnb as another avenue for increased cash flow.

We also cover how to make more money tax free with these investments using a Roth IRA. So, you may also want to consider opening an IRA to hold these Buy & Hold investments. Yes, you may not have much money in them when you start. But you can open one and then start to wholesale properties, or even wholesale notes so you can start to get some cash built up. Then you are also building your wealth for the future. Typically, with an IRA you are building that wealth tax free. So, using a Roth does have some real advantages.

The main thing is position yourself so you can maneuver positively so no matter where the market turns. If you keep your eyes on the market and not so much on the quick buck, you can become very successful even Wealthy at this real estate game!

Be Blessed with Success!

Jimmy Reed


Jimmy V. Reed

Jimmy V. Reed of Fort Worth, Texas has been investing in real estate since 1987. In 1991, he started conducting full-day training sessions on Wholesaling. He then began teaching and mentoring others throughout the country. He is currently the founder of the Fort Worth Real Estate Club and has his own real estate training company that includes Wholesale, Probate, Mentoring & a Biblically based Debt Free training course and more!

More info available at

alton jones


By Karen A. Walker

For Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Officer and master real estate investment teacher and trainer Alton Jones and his wife, Rocio, it’s all about relationships, helping others succeed and being your best self. Every day. Every minute.

But while Jones has helped people succeed in real estate investing beyond their wildest imagination, he doesn’t promise, and never himself expected, overnight success. His experience as a police officer prepared him for that.

He knows first-hand that success takes learning, listening, focus, persistence, a good sense of humor, a healthy dose of humility (did I mention persistence?!) and, most importantly, taking action.

That last step—action—can be the most difficult, but simply doing the right things and repeating until it become second nature marks the difference between success and none.

“It’s one thing to talk about it,” says Jones, “but a totally other thing to actually DO it!”

Did you say police officer?

Jones has been an LAPD policeman for more than 34 years. For the first 16 of those years, he served as a full-time, active duty officer. After that—to this day—he serves as reserve officer.

In the last 10 years, Officer Jones has been honored as a Reserve Officer of the Year. Twice!

“Officer of the Year is a big deal,” explains Jones. “A few officers are selected each year and honored for exceptional service during the year. About 600 people attend the honoree dinner, and it’s really a big deal, with any funds raised going to help the families of fallen officers or others in our police family who need it.”

At his more recent honoree event, the main cast and the creator of the TV series THE ROOKIE attended, which made it extra fun.

People skills

Just as in police work, real estate investing involves good training and good people skills. Relationships matter.

Knowing how to talk with a myriad of different types of people can mean the difference between life and death in police work.

“As an officer, especially on patrol, you have to talk with so many different kinds of people—victims, drug dealers, the mentally unstable, drug users on a high, the traumatized, witnesses, violent or less violent criminals,” says Jones. “Good officer safety skills are critical. You also have to be able to get accurate, useful information from witnesses. Those statements have to be able to hold up in court or identify a perpetrator, so you have to know how to ask a question and which information to pursue.

“In addition, sometimes you have just seconds to assess a situation or persons involved. Knowing how to quickly assess and talk with different people can determine if you come home that day.”

In real estate investing, regardless whether you are fixing and flipping houses, negotiating fair win-win deals, managing contractors, or teaching others your proven system for success, it’s critical to develop good people skills and to build strong relationships.

And to build any kind of relationship, you have to be a person of integrity in words and actions.

Knowledge alone isn’t enough

“It’s one thing to talk about it, but it’s a totally other thing to actually DO it!!” says Jones, who gets his students quickly to action.

Again, the comparison to police work is clear.

In the training process you learn how to talk to different people, what you need to ask and what to do in different situations, what information you need, and so forth. But learning it in a classroom doesn’t make you successful.

It’s a different story when you get out on the streets and you’re talking with real people, or in the chaos of an incident and trying to sort it out.

Same for the investor.

Practice (i.e. taking action) sharpens people skills until the right thing to do in negotiating an opportunity or managing contractors becomes second nature.

Never stop learning: Mentors matter

Alton always says, “It’s OK to copycat, as long as you copy the right cat.”

Jones got into the rehab, fix and flip business in 2009. But he didn’t do it alone. He chose his mentors well. He invested in himself and in his success, and he hasn’t stopped to this day.

Even with the success he and his wife have achieved and continue to achieve… even with his rapid rise to being asked and encouraged by his mentors to become a teacher for others, beginning in 2013… even with his popular books and with the success he and his wife continue to nurture and grow in themselves and others… even with all that, Jones continues to listen and learn from others.

Two of his stand-out mentors are Ron LeGrand and Dan Kennedy.

From his mentors, Jones learned early on that to be successful you must be purposeful in all you do. You must run your business as a business, not as a hobby.

He learned what to do and how to do it.

He also learned to expect uphill battles and set-backs, even after you’ve achieved remarkable success.

It is what it is.

Be prepared. Go forward. Keep your eyes on the prize, on doing the right thing, and on serving others.

Knowledge alone isn’t enough

“The majority of people will tell you ‘no,’” says Jones. “So what? You have to rise above. There’s EGO, but you gotta drop the “e” and just GO!

“In the police department you have to have the will to live. You learn and you have to face the reality every day that there are people who want you dead, but you have to — you MUST — have the will to LIVE. That keeps you doing the right things, following the good skills and training you received.

“In developing a real estate business, you have to have the will to WIN. That keeps you focused on the end goal. It keeps you going forward.”

Good mentors tell you the truth. They also practice what they preach.

The best mentors don’t just deliver knowledge. They don’t teach swimming lessons while standing on the edge of the pool. No. The best mentors lead by example. They get in the pool with you and show you how it’s done. They insist you get into the water and learn how to swim for yourself. And they’ll be with you every step of the way, IF you allow it.

When Jones holds training sessions and boot camps, he tells it like it is. With a smile, he calls himself a minister of truth. He doesn’t deliver what attendees might want to hear. He delivers the reality, the truth.

Rehab 2 Riches

It was an unexpected honor when Ron LeGrand, in 2016, not only praised the system for success Alton and his wife had developed, but when he also strongly encouraged Jones to launch his own training courses on that very system.

Alton’s Rehab 2 Riches courses, bootcamps and more soon followed, to popular acclaim by attendees.

“I believe what we do changes lives,” says Jones. “People who come to one of our events, they’ll make a life-changing decision at that event. Those relationships made at our events can take you from $0 to self-sufficient.”

Jones smiles when he talks in his bootcamps about the importance of building a Million Dollar Rolodex of exceptional resources for your business. “These days there are a lot of people who don’t know what a rolodex is,” he says. But it hasn’t held any of his students back. They still understand the point.

Jones practices in three markets—southern California, Dallas and Memphis. Of all these, however, his preference is his beloved southern California.

For more information, go to

Alton Jones says that in this business there are five things you have to do to succeed:
1. Locate prospects
2. Pre-screen prospects
3. Construct and present offers
4. Follow-up
5. Close quickly

Books by Alton Jones include:
• Ask Me How I Know? Four biggest house-flipping mistakes that made me millions, by Alton Jones


Karen Walker is the founder and executive producer of The Mentors Radio Show (


Crush Those Goals!

By Sensei Gilliland

This is not your average financial planning article…

If you want to be lulled into a half conscious Sunday afternoon post-game coma, or find yet another excuse to go back and take another 6 months to build a business and investment plan, this is not the advice you want to read.

If you do want real results, and you want them today, then the next 5 minutes are going to produce a nice healthy ROI.

Let’s do this!

What Do You Really Want?

Financial goal setting doesn’t have to be a dull, laborious, or time consuming affair. It really doesn’t. Spending hours with financial planners who give you colorful presentation packages can make you feel warm and fuzzy. Commissioning another revision of your 25 page business and investment plan might give you a little ray of hope. But do these things put money in your pocket? Or are they just stealing your most precious resource – time?

Airbnb is famous for its one page business plan. On August 7th, 2016 TechCrunch values the bed and breakfast app at $30 billion. Not too shabby. So if you are simply hoping to score somewhere south of $2 billion in the next 8 years you’ll probably be fine with a paper napkin. In fact, in my latest book Wholesale Warrior I reveal how I ended up boiling down my model to the simplicity of being able to fit on less than a 10 inch square.

Your plan is really all about four questions.

  1. Why?

What are your finances going to achieve for you?

  1. How Much?

How much are you shooting for? Wealth, income, and time?

  1. When?

By when should you be enjoying these benefits? What date?

  1. How?

How are you going to get there? Break it down into three simple steps A, B, C.

  1. Acquire rental properties
  2. Scale to owning 100 cash flowing rental units
  3. Spend free time helping to train other investors

Now focus on accomplishing A.

Be a Financial Champion

If real estate is all about “location, location, location,” then winning at your financial goals is all about “ACTION, ACTION, ACTION!”

We had the Rio Olympics. What did it take for those world class athletes to win those medals? Did they wait to get a master’s degree? Did they have a bigger binder and financial prospectus than all of the millions of spectators around the globe? Or did they just go?

They practiced, they trained, they took action daily, and they got the best coaches they could find.

I competed in martial arts for years. How do you get great at combat sports like martial arts (or real estate)? Not in a corner office or in front of the TV. You get on the mat, and you train. You spar. Sure you’ll get hit. You might even get a bruise or two. Guess what; you just get smarter, faster, and stronger. Next time you are less likely to leave yourself open to that blow. You’ll be faster and more accurate at securing a win.

Now I’m a big fan of education. I wouldn’t recommend anyone just jump in the UFC octagon after watching Rocky or a Jean Claude Van Damme movie. Just like you shouldn’t just rush to put all of your money into real estate based on a ‘reality’ TV show episode, or a handbook printed in the 80s. You’ve got to have some knowledge, a good trainer, and an up to date system. But at some point you’ve just got to take action.

You’ve probably seen martial arts block breaking. Practitioners can smash through stacks of concrete blocks, boards, and other building materials. But those items aren’t going to break unless the artist swings on them. Without action nothing will happen. The same goes for your financial plan.

Even Water Breaks Stone

Even dripping water breaks through stone over time. That small drop of persistence can literally drill through seemingly insurmountable boulders. And this is one of the reasons that building a rental portfolio is so powerful in breaking through financial goals.

I am a big fan of wholesaling, rehabbing, and even private lending. However, rentals are also a great choice. They are great for steadily building wealth, building up powerful streams of cash flow, and it can be a completely passive strategy that delivers the results you want, while you sleep.

I firmly believe that anyone can benefit from rentals, if they have discipline and a good system. With a good turnkey system it doesn’t matter whether you own 10 or 100 in your portfolio, you still have all the free time in the world to do what you are really passionate about.

Over at Remote Rehabs we took rental property investing two or three levels further by giving investors access to wholesale priced properties, in the best nationwide markets, have a pro team handle all the rehab and leasing, and property management. They get the best value and cash flow, while retaining the maximum amount of their most precious resource – their time.

Five Ways to Take Action Right Now

  1. Answer your 4 questions above; write them down
  2. Make an offer on a property; just throw one out to get rolling, even if you lowball something from the MLS or a FSBO down the street
  3. Register for The Ultimate Investor’s Tour of great rental homes at
  4. Register on our waiting list for hot rental property deals at We presell all of our properties.
  5. Call our office and set up a free strategy session


Sensei Gilliland

Founder of Black Belt Investors; Sensei Gilliland has been featured on the cover of Real Estate Wealth Magazine, hosts ‘The West’s Top Ranked Real Estate Investors’ Club’ – 12 ROUNDS, and has engineered several highly popular trademarked real estate investment systems. Sensei is the go-to source for serious investors and entrepreneurs seeking extremely effective, no holds barred training, investment properties and funding. Claim your copy of his powerful Cash and Wealth Report here.



$30,000 Flips in Your Own Backyard!

By Reggie Brooks

Whether it’s quick cash that you need right now, or long term wealth that you’re looking to build, it can be done fairly quickly, and Vacant Property specialist Reggie Brooks is the expert to teach you how to do it.

Reggie’s going to teach you the steps he took to go from making $3,000 per month at the telephone company, to over $42,000 per month in his real estate business. And he did it doing exactly what he’s teaching – Vacant, Distressed, Abandoned Properties!

Here a smidge of what Reggie’s teaching…

  • Make Easy Profits from Money-Making Flips In Your Own Backyard
  • Why the banks won’t lend on these properties, making owner financing easier than ever! With owner financing, you don’t need money, credit, or a job
  • How to make serious money with properties that are upside down, meaning the value of the property is less than what’s owed against the property
  • How to use Reggie’s “Secret Weapon” which will speed you toward finding those owners who’s mailing address is the same as the vacant property address
  • How you can easily make $10,000 within the next 2 weeks with vacant properties
  • How to get 100% funding for your profitable vacant property deals – You’ll be amazed!
  • How to get all the money you need for you investments “chasing you”, instead of you chasing it. And there’s No Qualifying!!!
  • How a blind student easily made over $14,000 on his 1st deal. He’s a rich man now!
  • And Much, Much More!

Reggie is a dynamic speaker/educator. Come prepared to take lots of notes. You don’t want to miss out on golden nuggets like very creative ways to find motivated owners of vacant properties, or the various case studies of people who have used Reggie’s system to make big profits buying and selling these unwanted properties.

Reggie Brooks, is an international speaker, author and educator, dedicated to inspiring others to achieve personal success through real estate investment. He is also the #1 Vacant, Abandoned & Distressed Property Specialist in North America.

Having risen above a life of poverty, he has achieved what many people consider to be impossible. He went from making $36,000 per year at the local telephone company, to making over $40,000 per month in his real estate business. Today, Reggie delivers his personal philosophies for success at major business venues and expositions throughout the United States. Reggie attributes his success to faith, dedication to success, and to the invaluable coaches he has had along the way.



Get a Whiff of What Tim Herriage is Cooking Now…

Learn Why Tim Sold His Real Estate Agency Business to Concentrate on His New Mantras: Balance & Barbecue

Award winning real estate entrepreneur Tim Herriage is cooking up something new for investors and business owners. Have you reserved your seat at the table yet?

Tim is the real deal. You probably know him from some of the sizable and influential companies he’s worked with in the industry already. Now he has refocused and is serving up some new opportunities for serious investors.

Tim HerriageThe Serial Entrepreneur Turns Foodie

You may know Herriage as the Managing Director of Blackstone’s B2R Finance. He’s done a lot since then. He’s also managed franchisee development for HomeVestors, founded and sold off REI Expo, and then founded the 2020 REI Group of companies, encompassing insurance, finance, acquisitions, dispositions and fund management.

He has also bought more than 1,500 single family properties and closed on over $1B worth of deals. He’s cone $3k house deals and $230M transactions too. Needless to say, if you want to get in a room with a really smart and experienced real estate investor and dealmaker, Tim Herriage is probably at the top of your list. 

Switching Gears 

Last time we caught up with Herriage, he was putting the pedal to the metal in a mustang. This time he was hoping into a truck to head down to San Antonio to check out some potential Airbnb real estate deals with his son.

If you’ve visited the 2020 REI website recently you will have seen some big news. Tim recently sold most of the companies in March 2019.

He remains in a strategic advisory role with these companies. The exceptions are his home buying company, his insurance company REI choice, and much of the underlying technology that made these ventures successful.

You’ll now find him via his new website and podcast Business and BBQ at, as well as at a new series of live mastermind groups. 

Why BBQ is so Important 

You can even be gluten free or a vegetarian and still have a great appreciation for BBQ and grilling. Eating together and the smell of the food on the grill is really the epitome of the American Dream. It’s as much a core part of the DNA of it as real estate.

It’s social connection, it’s shared passion, it’s delicious and it is a great reward for the work we put in. 

Yet, how crazy is it that you can even be a multi-millionaire business owner, and not find time to go visit a local BBQ place you’ve had your eye on for years. That’s the catch of the American Dream. The fine print they don’t warn you about on the label. It’s the land of opportunity, but if you aren’t careful, you’ll quickly lose sight of your real why and be time poor.

Even with all the success that Tim has obviously enjoyed as businessman and deal-maker, he woke up to the fact that he was way busier than he needed to be.

He was creating new jobs for himself, that he didn’t really need. Ones that could take him further from spending time with his family, and why he set out to invest in the first place. 

So, he decided to start to schedule time to visit all the barbecue places he had been wanting to visit. He put them on his calendar. Then he began to realize what he was missing.

He not only developed his palate, but found a new passion, and many analogies and lessons that applied directly to life, finances and real estate. As he has applied these things, he’s found a new sense of happiness and appreciation for value.

Now you’ll find him injecting his restaurant reviews and BBQ tips into his new blog and podcast on a regular basis.

Refocusing & The Secret Ingredient 

The monumental shifts Herriage has recently made are all about refocusing on what’s most important and what’s most profitable. For him, that is largely, investing in rental property deals which can produce passive income and appreciate organically, as well as engaging others more socially, and regaining that time freedom to spend with those he cares about most.

He says if he had just purchased one more property earlier, and held it, his net worth could be up by another $5M today.

His top tip for both success in finances and BBQ? Patience. It’s not an easy talent to master. Yet, if you’ve ever tried to cook a brisket you know it’s all about keeping the fire at the right temperature and waiting long enough.

For great food and a great life, the roadmap and recipe is out there, it’s just a matter of whether we choose to follow it and can wait for the best results.

Growth Versus Gains 

As Herriage has experienced all too well for himself, our culture seems to be all about the hustle, and go, go, go, without really thinking about it.

He asks, “If last quarters numbers were good, why do you need to hustle so fast and furious to best them again, just because everyone else is doing it?”

He poses whether it may make more sense to maintain those great numbers, and focus on cutting costs and being more efficient in order to enjoy both more profit and time freedom instead? This is especially true when aggressive growth can ultimately cannibalize what we really want most.

One of the great tools and areas which he has personally found an edge is in insurance. He is not only the founder of REI Choice Insurance, but its first customer and first to make a claim against his policy too. He’s become passionate about sharing the savings that smarter insurance can offer real estate investors.

REI Choice can reportedly offer investment property policies for 30% to 50% less than other big popular national companies, while giving investors everything they need, and none of the things they don’t. You can get a free quote for your properties online in 5 minutes, and they are backed by Lloyds of London.

Herriage adds that they have a far better record for paying out claims that names you may have been inclined to default to in the past.

Of course, when you serve others well and solve their needs, the growth comes too. REI Choice has been gaining traction at an incredible pace of around 50% quarter over quarter.

What’s on the Menu 

So, where is Tim Herriage planning to eat next, and what are his next real estate investing moves?

Tim has a very bullish outlook for the US real estate market. He’s looking forward to sharing that with other serious investors at his upcoming mastermind groups.  

For those who own rental property, are looking for more, and are equally generous in sharing their experience and adding value to others, Tim Herriage is hosting a private mastermind group in Texas in August, and yes, there will be BBQ on the menu. 50% of the seats are already taken.

You can reserve yours at  

Tim Herriage

Tim Herriage is the Founder & CEO of 2020 REI Group, a collection of entrepreneurial real estate investment companies specializing in brokerage, acquisition, disposition, private equity, nationwide financing, and advisory services.

Herriage has been on the leading edge of the real estate investor space for over a decade, founding the REI Expo and previously serving as Managing Director for Blackstone’s B2R Finance and Franchisee & Development Agent for HomeVestors® of America. Herriage has acquired more than 1,200 single-family investment properties and completed more than $1 billion in real estate transactions, predominately in the North Texas area.

In addition to being a seasoned entrepreneur, Herriage is passionate about creating and spreading opportunities for others to succeed in real estate investing by providing innovative financing offerings, quality education programs, and reliable structured investments. Through his private equity and fund management firm, Elevate Private Capital, Herriage and his team source and invest in strategic real estate assets, with the current fund focusing on providing investors with exceptional opportunities to benefit from the rapidly growing Dallas/Fort Worth residential real estate market.

Herriage also established Investable Realty to provide investors of all sizes with specialized brokerage and investment property finding services. Through DFW Investors, Herriage hosts resource-rich events for the local Dallas / Fort Worth investor community, providing guidance and support for investors in all stages of the investment life-cycle.


6 Ways Journaling Will Make You a Better Real Estate Investor

By Sharon Vornholt

Today’s article is on the “6 ways journaling will make you a better real estate investor”. I am the first one to admit that the topic is a little bit different than what you’re used to. However paying attention to your mind-body wellness is really one of the keys to your success.

We get so caught up in the “day to day” of our businesses, that sometimes when we are stuck or feeling burned out we cannot figure out why.  Sure; we know we’re bone tired from chasing deals, but it’s more than that.

Journaling is a process that has many unexpected benefits for all entrepreneurs including real estate investors.  Better focus is just one of them.  If you’ve real Hal Elrod’s book “The Miracle Morning”, you know that journaling is one of the things he suggests you do every morning.

It’s Easier than You Think

I know a lot of people say, “I have no idea where to start”.  For all the women reading this, just think back to when you were a young girl. I’ll bet you had a diary. You just sat down and wrote.  We dumped all of our feelings into that little book.

I can tell you that it works pretty much the same when you’re a grownup, but here’s the difference: Instead of unloading all that teenage drama onto the page, what you will be doing is freeing up some brain space to work on your business.

Are you ready to at least give it the benefit of the doubt?

Here we go.

6 Reasons You Should Start Journaling Now

  1. Journaling clears your mind which leads to better focus.

Over time, our brains get clogged up with details.  There are things we need to do, things we should have done (and didn’t), projects, plans, emotions and more. Remember that tenant that is driving you crazy or the house you should have gotten under contract but you botched the offer?

Carrying all this stuff around weighs us down, and it takes our attention off our business.

David Allen wrote the book “Getting Things Done”. In his book he suggest that we periodically do a brain dump.  I personally think you need to do this on a regular basis.  How often you need to do it will be an individual decision. In general when you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s probably time.

Doing a brain dump is also a way to begin your journaling experience.

In another one of my favorite books “Double Your Income doing What You Love”, Raymond Aaron talks about cleaning up your “messes”.   He is referring not only to physical messes, but to all the things AKA “messes” in your mind that take your concentration away from your business.

Action Step: It’s time to do a brain dump. Write down every unfinished or half-finished task, project or idea you haven’t gotten around to. Get them out of your head and onto paper. Once you do that, you will have the framework for a plan of action. 

  1. Journaling helps you be more creative.

Regular journaling can help you brainstorm new ideas. You probably think your ideas are pretty dull and ordinary. However once you put all those ideas on paper, you will begin to see a bigger picture emerge for growing your investing business.  Thoughts, ideas, and opportunities begin to come together once you begin writing.

Action Step:  Once you’ve done your brain dump, look at what you have written. Where is there an opportunity for creativity in your business?  What ordinary thing can you do differently; in a more creative way? You might just surprise yourself.

  1. Journaling helps you think big.

Write “no limits” at the top of one of your pages.  (Remember that no one has to see this).  If there were no limits, what would your dream business look like?  You can put all those big ideas on the page without your inner voice telling you, “That won’t work”. This is a judgement free zone.

Action Step:  Write down 3 big ideas you have for your REI business you haven’t said out loud. Nothing is off limits.

  1. Journaling helps you build better habits.

Once you begin journaling, you will automatically become more aware of your actions and your habits.  Whether it is things you need to do more of (like exercising or eating better) or things you are doing too much of (like wasting time surfing the internet), they will become apparent as you write about your days. As an entrepreneur, over time your habits will likely be largely responsible for the success of your real estate business.

Action Step: Decide to write even a paragraph in your journal each day that describes your previous day. Be sure to include the good, the bad and the ugly whatever that might be.

  1. Journaling provides a healthy way to process emotions and relieve those stresses in your life.

Remember the deal you blew and the tenant that’s driving you crazy?  The simple act of writing down these types of things (before having a physical meltdown) can literally save your business and your reputation. It’s a much healthier outlet for those emotions.

Carrying around all that stress weighs you down, and it can do actual physical damage to your body.  It definitely prevents you from being the best you can be.

Action Step:  Write down something that is causing you stress.  How do you feel? What emotions are holding you back? Once you get those down on paper, write out a solution or a way to at least deal with the situation that will take the weight of it off your shoulders.

  1. Journaling helps you feel a sense of achievement.

We all have those thoughts. You know; the ones about how we are falling short when it comes to our real estate business.

When you commit to a regular journaling process (even if it’s only 5 or 10 minutes a day), your progress and achievements will be right there on the page.  Journaling allows you to celebrate all your wins no matter how big or small they are.

Action Step: Write down at least 5 “wins” you can claim for your business. They can be simple things or big achievements. Then pat yourself on the back.

Journaling Tools

You may be the type of person that uses the computer for everything you write. If you are that person, there are plenty of online journals you can use.  A lot of people prefer online tools simply because they are more private.


I’m more of a pen and paper person when it comes to a journal. In fact, I love writing in a beautiful quality journal.  The actual book is as important to me as what goes in the book.  You just need to find what works best for you.  The important thing is to just get started.

Here are some resources that you might want to take a look at when it comes to online journals.


This is a free app that can be accessed from anywhere.  JRNL is rated one of the top online journals and it’s private. You can customize the pages in your journal, you can share entries in your journal (although I’m not sure why you would do that since they are meant to be private), and you can “write on the fly”.

You can check it out here at


Penzu has both free and paid versions of its online journal.  They say they have over 2 million users around the world.  This journal is password protected, fully customizable and they will send you an email reminding you to write in your journal each day.


It you cannot wrap your brain around how to get started journaling, ONEWORD might just be the tool to help you to get started. The premise is simple.  Create your free account and you will be directed to the next page.  Once you’re on that page, you’ll see one word at the top of the following screen. You have sixty seconds to write about it.  This is actually a great way to start if you’re not used to writing.

Ready to Dive In?

If you’re still on the fence about keeping a journal, I would say just give it a try.  I’m pretty sure you’re going to like it.

Sharon Vornholt

Sharon Vornholt is the owner of Innovative Property Solutions, LLC in Louisville, KY.

Sharon owned and operated a successful home inspection company for 17 years. She began investing in real estate in 1998 and became a full time real estate investor in January of 2008.

Sharon specializes in wholesaling, and is also an experienced landlord and rehabber.

In addition, Sharon is an internet marketer and also writes articles for several national real estate sites. Sharon is the author of a popular real estate blog called the “Louisville Gals Real Estate Blog”. For your FREE REPORT “Probates and Absentee Owners: Your Fast Track to Real Estate Riches”, stop by her blog at:



The Solution to the Investment Guru Gap

By Russ Keith

How did you get started in real estate investing?

Maybe someone else…a friend, family member…or even your spouse, was bitten by the property investing bug and you caught it.

Or maybe you were invited to a weekend property investing seminar and found yourself thrilled with all of the prospects for financial freedom that property investing holds.

There’s no doubt about it…investing in real estate can be a real life changer, but what happens when all of the energy and excitement you felt after the seminar begins to fade?

After all, investing in property is no cakewalk…if it were, everyone in the world would be doing it.

And as fun and educational as a property seminar can be, what happens when everyone packs up and goes home, and you’re left with the feeling of “what now?”

Maybe you start by watching the videos on the guru’s website. But what happens if confusion begins to set in after watching them? Or maybe you understand what you need to do, but you can’t get answers to specific questions about your market.

What do you do then?

More than just an education in investing

Through their investment meetup group called Crush It, REI Systems Academy founders Russ Keith and his wife Kim noticed a trend.

Some investors would come to the meetings for about 8 months or so, but then would simply disappear. When Russ called them up to find out how they were doing, he discovered these investors had run out of money or just got frustrated, disheartened and then quit.

When he drilled down further into what was going on, Russ discovered that once the “new” had worn off from the investment seminars these people had attended, they were left without a compass.

The videos, website and other material left by the property investing guru couldn’t really help the investors with the mental shift they needed to move from an “employee”  to a “business owner” mindset.

Nor could it address the particulars of the investors’ marketplace.

Filling the guru gap

REI Systems was created with the goal of filling in the gap between the education investors receive at property seminars and the day to day investment decisions every investor needs to make.

What makes REI Systems different?

Investors receive a real education in property investing, from real educators who have been teaching high school and university level students for more than two decades!

Russ and Kim have also flipped properties for nearly 30 years, earning between $14,000 and $80,000 profit on each homestead flip.

How does it work?

You’ll meet with Russ and up to 9 other investors in a classroom setting once a week for three hours over a 16 week period. At the end of each class you’ll be given homework and told what to do, step by step.

If you have any questions between sessions, Russ is always available to help. He’ll answer your question(s) and if he thinks it can help the rest of the class he’ll share the information with them at the next class.

When you begin putting your knowledge to the test, Russ will be there every step of the way. He’ll even walk with you as you inspect a potential investment property.

In fact, if Russ hasn’t heard from you in a while you can expect to receive a phone call to find out what’s going on.

Your success is that important!

Bottom line, you can pay tens of thousand of dollars for one 30 minute call a week and a bunch of videos with a travelling investment guru, or spend much, much less and be mentored by local investors – and educators – who know the market and know what it takes to succeed in that market.

It’s your call.