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Beginning at 9 AM PST, our experienced educators will reveal all their winning strategies for REI success.

Imagine learning from investors who have been active in the industry for DECADES!

Also, our guests will be able to ask our Expo Experts any question they want. Are you experiencing an issue with your properties? Do you need help getting to that next level? Are you worn out dealing with tenants and wonder if there is a better way to invest?

Well, this is the place for our readers to get these answers, and so many more.





Remember, we will be ON LIVE and in real-time just for you. Plus, we’ve also united some of the top leaders on the industry, which is not easy to do.

We are all coming together to Give Thanks for another year of business. We’re also sharing our knowledge as a way to Give Back to our readers and industry.

To truly share and give back beyond just this weekend, our Give Thanks, Give Back Expo will also be spotlighting amazing charities for us to keep in mind for our year-end giving

This is the Ultimate Way for die-hard investors to get into the Holiday Spirit while expanding their personal finance and real estate knowledge.

Please note: This is a COMPLIMENTARY two-day online conference designed to help our guests reach the next level of success in their real estate investments.


While most events of this caliber charge up to hundreds of dollars for admission, Realty411 is underwriting all costs, with the help of our amazing sponsors.

Instead of requesting an admission fee for this expo, we will be encouraging guests to make direct donations to the charities of their favorite educators.


EXPO BONUS: Realty411 Expo Guests ALSO Receive FREE Tickets to WEALTH MASTERY LIVE (A $197 Value)!!!

Enjoy EXCLUSIVE & COMPLIMENTARY Learning with: Robert G. Allen, Sunil Tulsiani, and Robert Kiyosaki, learn how by registering for this expo.


Some of these Amazing Experts Joining Our REALTY411 Expo, Include:

Charles Sells, Rehab and Tax Lien Expert

Brandon Cobb, Rehab Your Way to Wealth

Sunil Tulsiani, Investor/International Speaker

Adiel Gorel, Veteran Long-Distance Landlord

Cliff Gager, Expert Real Estate Investor/Educator

Paul Finck, International Speaker & Millionaire Maker

Jay Tannenbaum, Expert Note Buyer, Portfolio Builder

Carl Schiovone, Real Estate Broker, Expert Rehabber

Linda Pliagas, Accredited investor, Publisher, Expo Host

Brent Kesler, Multiply Your Money — Easily & Effortlessly

Dave Grimm, Capital and Marketing Expert for Syndications

Sadhana Sabharwal, The Single Mom Millionaire (NEW EDUCATOR)

Bill Walsh, International Speaker, Investor & Media Influencer

Raul Avila, Private Capital & ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units)

Steve Remmel, Affordable Legal Services + Identity Theft Protection





Please check back for further updates. Schedule subject to change without notice, due to unforeseen circumstances.

Bob Helms holding book

Bob Helms – The Godfather of Real Estate

In June the world lost a pioneer, an icon, a gentleman, and a scholar. Bob Helms, a.k.a. “The Godfather of Real Estate”. He was 85 years old. He had been investing in real estate for over seven decades. Even in his 80’s Bob was active, planning, learning, growing, contributing and creating. He authored his book “Be In The Top 1%: A Real Estate Agent’s Guide To Getting Rich In The Investment Property Niche” when he was in his 80’s.

His book isn’t an advertisement, not a business card. It’s not an ego memoir. It’s a contribution, born out of a genuine desire to teach, to share, to pay it forward. We spend so much of our lives deep in the content of living. What was striking about Bob was the context. Bob’s context was contribution. You never got the impression that he was acting out of self-interest.

Bob Helms Book (1)

Bob and I had many deep conversations over the years. But the conversation that stuck foremost in my mind was the very first conversation. He wanted to get to know me. He was genuinely interested in learning about me. He was the quintessential ambassador and made me instantly feel welcome. But I’m not an isolated case. Everyone I speak with who knew Bob had virtually the same first meeting experience. He left that same lasting first impression with everyone he engaged with. Bob was a people’s person. He loved people. It wasn’t an act, or a realtor’s gimmick. His genuine love for people burst through in every interaction. He carried an abundance mindset in an industry that is synonymous with turf wars. He was never insecure about sharing. There would always be enough to go around.

Bob was successful in business in his own right. He helped build one of the largest real estate brokerages in the country out of his home market in Silicon Valley. The wave of growth in Silicon Valley no doubt played a role in his success. There’s nothing like being in the right place at the right time. But Silicon Valley is an incredibly competitive environment and only the best rise to the top.

Bob distinguished himself as an expert in investment properties. He learned early on that a residential home buyer doesn’t generate a lot of repeat business. Active investors on the other hand, are deal junkies. They cultivate a deal flow. A single investor client with repeat business could bring the same level of business as twenty or thirty individual clients. Focus and attention on serving his target clients catapulted his business. These are concepts that are central to marketing in our current time. But think back thirty or forty years and Bob’s work was pioneering.


Image by Benjamin Hartwich from Pixabay

Bob was well known as the third member of the Real Estate Guys Radio Show duo with his son Robert Helms and Russell Gray. Now in its 24th year, this terrestrial radio show and podcast has listeners in over 190 countries. Whenever Bob was a guest on the show, his elder statesman wisdom shone through.

Bob was a life long student. He took copious notes. Even though retired, he would sit at the back of a seminar with his notebook open, paying close attention and integrating what he was learning.

There was always a lineup of people waiting to talk to Bob, to share their story, to ask Bob for advice. Bob would cut through the fog and get to the heart of the matter, but in the gentlest of ways. He would lead you to a new way of looking at the problem so that the best answer was clear. But he didn’t make you wrong, or naïve, or dumb in the process. He merely illuminated the path.

Bob Helms playing guitar

Bob’s greatest love and accomplishment was his family. He was an integral part of the multi-generational Helms family.

That doesn’t mean there weren’t problems. Of course there were. Everyone in life experiences adversity. There was no drama, no rebellion, only a quiet acceptance and a focus on clarity, learning and moving forward.

The world lost a mentor. The Helms lost their “Papa”. His gentle but impactful manner is part of his legacy.



Victor Menasce


I have focused the past 9 years of my professional life on real estate investment. This started locally in Canada, and moved quickly into the US markets as the opportunities for great investments presented themselves. This was a right hand turn in my career.

I spent the first 25 years of my career in the high tech industry. My past roles include, Vice President of Engineering at Wavesat, a developer of chips for wireless networks, and Chief Technical Officer at Applied Micro Circuits Corporation, a Silicon Valley based public company that develops processors for use in numerous consumer products including televisions and gaming. I was founder and Chief Operating Officer at Somerset Technologies. I also held several senior roles in marketing and engineering with Tundra Semiconductor. I started my career at Bell Northern Research and Nortel where I designed chips that were used to control the telephone network. For approximately a decade, 54% of the phone calls in North America were routed by a chip that I designed.

I have conducted business in over 15 countries, have forged numerous partnerships, raised capital, been awarded patents, acquired businesses, negotiated deals, lead organizations, and brought about business improvement.

On my 18th trip to Tokyo in a year and a half, it was clear that I was on the wrong path. The way I was working wasn’t right for me, nor for my family. I made the conscious decision to move full-time into the world of real estate investment.

I am having the time of my life, leveraging the accumulated business learning and applying my skills to the world of investments. I live in Ottawa, Canada with my family.

John Jackson 1

We Snagged The Nation’s TOP Lease Option Educator

Dear Serious Real Estate Investor;

As the market changes from a SELLERS’ market to a BUYERS’ market, there are a few strategies that are going to CRUSH it.

The easiest and fastest one to implement?


This is where John Jackson comes in.

In case you are not familiar with who John Jackson is, John is considered the nation’s TOP educator when it comes to the subject of Lease Options.

John Jackson 2

So why am I introducing you to John?

Because the market is CHANGING and it is quickly becoming a BUYER’S market, and what is the BEST and most SIMPLE strategy in a buyer’s market?


You see, the post pandemic market is about to make a dramatic shift over the next several months and possibly years.

Will it be as bad as 2008?

I don’t know for certain. Nobody does.

But as things unfold there will be a LOT of uncertainty and sellers needing help. Because of this I wanted to introduce you to John who is a good friend of mine and is THE go-to guy in uncertain or down markets.

You’ve probably heard me mention John before as we’ve known each other a number of years.

John is often called the “King of Lease Options” and with good reason. He has specialized in lease options since 2003, and has even taught a number of the nation’s top educators.

Let’s just say this. He is THE guy that even the top educators call when they have a question or often times send their students to.

I guess you could almost call him the “Yoda of Lease Options”!

You see, the real estate world is just STARTING to see challenges and in the coming months it will be progressively harder and harder for sellers to sell, and lease options are the BEST strategy in a market like this.

Lease options THRIVE in a down market and the market we are going to see could be similar to 2008, and there is no greater educator on lease options than John.

Sellers will be more and more desperate for a Plan B and lease options are the PERFECT Plan B, BUT, you have to know how to structure them properly for a Win-Win-Win transaction.

Now, because John Jackson is extremely sought after right now given the market, and this is such TIME SENSITIVE training, you will NOT want to miss this virtual event.

Let me be VERY clear on a few things so that you understand EXACTLY how important this training is:

  • John has offered to do a LIVE virtual training.
    This is LIVE, not pre-recorded.
  • Because of this, John will only be doing ONE training,
    this Thursday July 2nd at 3 PM CENTRAL
  • He will be taking questions on the call.
  • He is THE Texas lease options expert as well,
    so if you are from Texas, he is your guy.
  • The platform only holds 100 REGISTRANTS! PERIOD!
  • Using the lease option strategies he will be teaching, you can
    easily make $10,000 on houses with no equity WHILE helping sellers.
  • Nobody else offers this training but John Jackson
  • The platform only holds 100 REGISTRANTS. Period.

I will be e-mailing you a number of e-mails with the opportunity to register over the next few days, but let’s be honest here.

John is one of the most sought after educators in real estate right now, and what he will be sharing on this training is VITAL to help sellers and buyers in the coming post-pandemic market.

So, if you wait to register, you risk NOT getting a spot at the table. And in case you are wondering, this e-mail just went out to over 72,000 people. Yes, that’s right, 72,000 people, but only 100 will even have a chance.

Are you going to be one of them?

When: Thursday July 2nd, 3:00 PM CENTRAL.


To your success,
Linda Pliagas
Realty411 & REI Wealth Magazines


Prepare for the Coming Greed Pandemic

Protecting Your Assets Is MORE Relevant Post-COVID-19

By Randy Hughes

If you wondered about your need for privacy and asset protection before the Pandemic, it will be critical for you and real estate investors like you post-Pandemic.

gdpr-4095257_1280The effects of the epidemic will be felt for years, not only financially but legally. If you have put off creating an asset protection plan, now would be a great time to start.

We have long known, as real estate investors, we are more inclined to be sued than most other occupations. Why? Because the average American assumes that ALL real estate investors are RICH! Therefore, we are good targets for frivolous lawsuits.

People with cash in the bank and no hard assets are not good targets for lawsuits because, unlike real estate, cash can disappear quickly . . . and buildings cannot. Furthermore, unlike deeds and liens, bank account balances are not available through public records.

Until you have been pursued by a contingency fee lawyer (and his or her deadbeat client), you might not feel the need to protect your assets. But, if you are going to stay in this game long-term, it is just a matter of time before the wolves will be at your door.

moon-4908100_1280The paradox of our careers is the more successful we become, the more of a “target” we are for the nefarious characters in our society. These characters do not want to work hard (like us) to become wealthy. They prefer the “easy route” via our dubious legal system.

I spoke 33 times last year to real estate investment groups around the nation. I stressed the need to get titles to real estate out of personal names and into Land Trusts for privacy, asset protection, and estate planning purposes.

In almost every gathering, someone asked the question, “Why do I need to protect my assets, won’t insurance take care of any claims?” My standard response was, “I believe in insurance and think you should buy all you can stand, but DO NOT RELY ON IT EXCLUSIVELY!

Insurance should be only one-leg of your asset protection stool. Why? Let me give you a recent example!

When the pandemic first arrived in America and almost every business was shut down, I called my neighborly insurance agent. Here is how our conversation went: “Hi Bob, I am calling because after 40+ years of paying you a premium for “business interruption” insurance, I need to make a claim.” Bob responded, “Sorry, but pandemics are excluded!” My response was, “Really? Forty years of premiums and now I AM NOT COVERED?

It is folly to rely solely on insurance to protect you when you need it the most.

As an aside, please read your policies. You will find LOTS of exclusions and often you are not even covered for “defense costs.” In other words, you can go broke just defending yourself (read: legal fees) from a legal challenge in which you are totally innocent.

lawyer-3268430_1280What is a real estate investor’s first line of defense? DO NOT OWN PROPERTY IN YOUR NAME! I have been preaching this to my fellow real estate investors for more than 40 years. I have been a full-time real estate investor for 50 years, and early in my career I discovered the benefits of using a Trust to hold title to my investments. I have written about the benefits extensively in this publication and many others.

Some people “get it” and many do not. They live in a dream world assuming that THEY will somehow be spared the sorrow and expense of a frivolous lawsuit (or worse yet, an attack by an irate tenant on them or their family at their personal residence). Consequently, they risk years of hard work and their family’s safety and financial security because they are too lazy to fill out a few papers.

I can lead a horse to water, but . . .

What is YOUR net worth, worth? Is it worthy of protection? How much of a price have you paid for it in sweat and tears? Are your family’s safety and security important to you? Perhaps you spend hours each week watching sports? Would it make sense to spend a little bit of your valuable time learning how to create a trust to hold title to your investments? The answer is obvious, you just need to do it and DO IT NOW!

output-5045168_1280What does this rant have to do with the pandemic? Plenty. Contingency lawyers and their deadbeat clients will be developing new and creative ways to find someone to sue because of the virus and its effects on tenants, businesses, and anyone with assets they covet.

If you can believe there are elements of our society that will walk in front of a car to eventually receive a “paycheck,” then you can also believe that it is time for YOU to get OFF the title of all of your real estate investments (and NEVER buy property in your name again!). Use a trust, you will be glad you did!

Several times a year I hear from people who have heard me speak or students who did not act on what they learned from me. They tell me they failed to take my recommendation, and now they regret it.

Don’t be one of those people.


Randy Hughes, Mr. Land Trust

I encourage you to learn more by going to my FREE online training at www.landtrustwebinar.com/411 and text “reasons” to 206-203-2005 for my free booklet, Reasons to Use a Land Trust. You can also reach me the old-fashioned way by calling me at 217-355-1281. (I actually answer my own phone unlike most other businesses in America today!)


Webinar: COVID-19 Expert Housing Forecast – RSVP Now.



Hello Savvy Investors;

I’m beginning to get really excited about the live webinar we’ll be having with some of the smartest people I know in the real estate industry.

Be sure to set aside time on Wednesday night at 5:00 as you’ll want to be dialed in to hear this very special event live!

First, I’ll answer a couple questions I have already received:

  • Will the event be recorded?

Yes. Those that purchase the live event will have twelve-month
access to the recording.

  • Are there limited tickets?

Yes! The webinar platform I use (Zoom) only accommodates
500 attendees at a time.

  • Can I ask questions? YES!

The live attendees will have ample time to ask questions of all
our speakers and guests.

  • What is the Agenda?

That’s a great question. Be sure to read our agenda below:

5:00 PM – 5:30 PM: Introduction of speakers
5:30 PM – 6:15 PM: Keynote Presentation: “The Economic Outlook for the Residential Real Estate Market” Mark Dotzour
6:15 PM – 6:30 PM: Q&A with Mark Dotzour
6:30 PM – 7:30 PM: Structured Panel discussing the presentation with all of the speakers
7:30 PM – 8:00 PM: Open Q&A — Mark is an economist from the Texas A&M Real Estate Center and is one of the most accurate figures in this industry in my opinion.

I’ve heard him speak at several events, and decided to get him to help us navigate the increasingly confusing economy. I’ve already reviewed his presentation, and let me tell you, it’s going to be great!

Don’t miss this important industry webinar, learn insight not available anywhere else.



Visit REALTY411 at: http://realty411mag.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network


Empowering Your Investors to Retire Sooner

By Dan Kryzanowski

Tips on Sponsorship and Syndicates

My Journey to Financial Independence

Who do I (or you) have more in common with, Joe Biden or Mitt Romney? Putting politics way aside on my response, my answer is both. Speaking with my business hat on, I morphed from Joe to Mitt.

The Early Days

While like Joe, I did grow up on the “mean streets” of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Actually, the streets were not so mean and life was wonderful as a child in the 20th century. I was also very fortunate that my parents had secure jobs – high school principal and social worker – with pensions in perpetuity! scranton-364185_1280 Grit was (and is still) a valued trait in northeast Pennsylvania (aka NEPA), with NEPA known as coal mining community with strong cultural ties and traditions. There was a solid deference to top-down organizations and assumption of middle-class comfort. In terms of real estate and investments, the primary residence was the only “alternative” asset for the supermajority. This held true for the single-earner family or high-flying businessman that made six-figures in the early 80s. That said, the immigrant sense of adventure shined with the true immigrants (i.e. first-generation Americans) born in the early 1900s. My great aunts and uncles strongly valued family gatherings, so purchased land and built houses outside of town. My entrepreneurial spirit flickered early, though primarily in the “non-profit” sense, to provide opportunities for my peers. I co-founded and stood up programming for a youth leadership group under Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY), and served as matchmaker years before LinkedIn and Facebook. Overall, life was wonderful as a child and teenager in NEPA in the 20th century.

Early Career

Sometimes it pays to be lucky, being in the right place at the right time with the right people. I spent college and my twenties studying and living in three countries (traveling to another 20), ten US states, and locations such as Martha’s Vineyard in the summer of 1998 to Austin, TX prior to the current (infinite?) population boom. I also picked up degrees at Wharton and Thunderbird and benefited immensely from a decade at Merrill Lynch and GE Capital. financial-2860753_1280 Life was good and I quietly built up a sizable 401(k) and healthy Roth IRA. Stocks trended upward, public REITs paid double-digit dividends and I could receive a whopping 6% on a risk-free Certificate of Deposit (CD)! I felt very “diversified” and sophisticated within the comforts on the Fidelity online portal.

Turning Point

While 9/11 was an obvious shock (I worked at 4 World Financial Center) and wake up call to potential horrors, day-to-day living (and investing) in the mid-2000s was quite comfortable. That, of course, all changed in September 2008. The curtain fell on the Wizard of Oz, and what was behind the curtain was not pretty (i.e. “trusted” institutions). Backing up a little bit, it should be noted that I rarely go against my gut feeling, and when I do it tends to put my entrepreneurial and investing endeavors on hold. Instead of remaining in Austin in mid-2008 to be at the forefront of the first true “organic” tequila, we ended up back in the northeast, paying $2,000 monthly for a condo with a view of a wall in Stamford, CT (when I literally could have bought a house in east Austin for $40K). Fast forward three winters, the reintroduction of state income tax, and dozens of pints for friends laid offer during the financial crisis – it was time to return “home” to Texas.

Keeping It Weird

austin-247_1280 Austin, and Texas in general, has a very educated investor base, with folks forming all types of syndicates to invest in everything from conservative multifamily preferred loans to restaurants that cater to dogs and comedy tours (“Ha”, said my CPA, when we wrote off this investment). I immediately cannonballed into both ends of the pool, opening a Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA) to invest in high-yield/low-risk real estate and effectively crowdfund some of my dividends and piggybank savings accounts into hotel/bar/restaurants across Austin, some of which we also own the dirt. Overnight, I morphed from Joe to Mitt. Regardless of deal type, what struck me most was the commonality and comfort of each deal lead to sponsor a syndicate. In the early 2010s this was still a grassroots effort, now aided by various Meetups and crowdfunding platforms. The wild card, though, which has yet to scratch the surface is the “green tsunami” of $10T (yes, trillion) that individuals will shift from stagnant, nameless mutual funds to sponsors/syndicates, with a strong percentage of these funds going towards real estate.

Storage, Baby!

storage-warehouse-1553550_1280 Raise your hand if you or somebody you know rents a storage unit. Raise your other hand if you would rather spend Memorial Day Weekend on your boat vs. changing storage providers if you monthly rate went up by a whopping $7. Now with both hands in the air (i.e. the universal “it’s good” on a PAT), you have a taste into the beauty of self-storage and natural attraction to invest in a storage facility with your friends and family. Pinnacle Storage Properties, founded by Uncle Bob’s veteran, John Manes, offers the simple blueprint on how to sponsor a deal. First, assuming you are liked – or of greater importance, respected – then you should have a natural following of 100+ interested individuals who will engage based on the high level of competency and character you exhibited throughout the years. Second, keep it simple. Unless a single person is willing to take all the equity off the table, then there should not be multiple share classes on your initial deals (or even on future deals or initial fund). Likewise, this eliminates the perception (and possible reality) of preferential treatment of your Grandma’s $50k on Day 1 vs. an ex co-worker funding the final $250k from her SDIRA. Finally, set parameters on commitments. Make it crystal clear that you need $X by Y date. That said, it is always best practice to communicate a “funds due date” a good 14-30 days before your true ‘D Day’, as is is very common for your next door neighbor’s check to get lost in the mail. Assume also that 10% of commitments will fall through, so either be oversubscribed or be prepared to front or possibly invest that final 10% of equity out of your own pocket.

Six Figures in Six Minutes

businessman-4279253_1280 Did you know you can get 6 figures in 6 minutes? Yes, it’s true! As referenced above, assuming you have a reasonable number of potential investors (e.g. 100 or more), then a simple email or mention in your deal packet should bring you a few checks from your investors’ “forgotten trillions”. In every deal I sponsor, and even when I do not have a live deal, I always educate any potential investor that s/he may use their retirement dollars to invest in my upcoming deal. Tommy Prate of Magnify Capital is a longtime evangelist of enhanced retirement accounts (Solo 401(k), SDIRA), empowering both his investors and ‘Magnifiers’ (those sourcing deals with boots on the ground diligence) with the knowledge that they may invest in his current/next deal with their retirement accounts. Manes/Pinnacle also regularly receives 15%-25% of equity raise from Self-Directed accounts. The added bonus, and ease, of “selling” the concept of retirement accounts is that these dollars are likely locked up (i.e. cannot withdraw without early distribution penalty) for the next 5-25 years, so the investor has no urgency of receiving (~demanding) his principal back. Secondly, with a checkbook controlled SDIRA, the investor can easily reinvest dividends or have a bit of fun investing smaller checks in other real estate and private deals, while maintaining all the benefits of a traditional retirement account. Play this to your advantage, and you will literally get 6 figures for 6 minutes of your time.

Playing the Mitt card to Financial Independence

When on the campaign trail in 2012, Mitt Romney was asked how his ROTH account could be in the Millions (actually $102,000,000!) when the maximum ROTH contribution was only $5,000? While Mitt took advantage of other types of enhanced retirement accounts (with 10x contribution limits), the takeaway here is that he invested via a post-tax account and will not have to pay taxes on this balance during his golden years. Stated differently, would you rather pay taxes today on a small seed or the full evergreen tree in the future? I opted for the former, now very confident that my seed will replicate many times over until I elect to take my first distributions in my 60s.

Dan Kryzanowski

Dan Kryzanowski

Executive Vice President

Rocket Dollar



Dan serves as EVP at Rocket Dollar and Capital Partner for Pinnacle Storage Properties. Dan has raised “six figures in six minutes” numerous times across the self-storage, multi-family, and residential worlds. His profession mission is to guide individuals to take back control of their retirement dollars and empower sponsors raise more money faster. Visit with Dan at Family Office Connect on May 21st in New York City.

Photograph of Bruce Norris, courtesy of Christina Suter.

Interview With Bruce Norris of The Norris Group, Riverside, California

By Christina Suter, FIBI Pasadena

I recently spoke with my industry colleague and good friend Bruce Norris about what it took for him to break through from who he was as a young man to the guru he is today. Bruce is an active investor, hard money lender, and real estate educator with over 30 years of experience. He is the founder of The Norris Group and has been involved in more than 2,000 real estate transactions as a buyer, seller, builder, and money partner. Bruce has dedicated himself to understanding the economic field in Southern California, and it shows in his work.

Photograph of Bruce Norris, courtesy of Christina Suter.

Photograph of Bruce Norris, courtesy of Christina Suter.

Bruce was married at 17, fired five times in a row, and eventually got the hang of getting a job. After reading How To Win Friends and Influence People, Bruce said he learned about avoiding the acute angle, which is finding a way to find an argument in everything. The book taught him to diffuse it and to enjoy the skill of learning to diffuse it.


Bruce then got a job in sales, where he sold electrical supplies for six years. One day he was invited to join a man to watch his attempt to buy a house wholesale. After the house was purchased, Bruce realized his life experiences could translate into the real estate buying business. In his electrical business, Bruce sold supplies to people who already had suppliers. In real estate, he convinced people to sell their house to him because he had cash and people could close in a few days.

One of the skills Bruce has mastered is the power to close a deal. When he negotiates with a seller, he lets them know that based on his experience, things work or they don’t, so his offer leaves with him. Bruce tells sellers if they call him back the next day, he will let them know that he’s no longer interested because he wants the power to close and know he’s telling them the truth.

Bruce has earned a reputation in the industry based on his integrity. He will often spend the first 15 minutes speaking with an owner just suggesting things for them that have nothing to do with him making a profit. Bruce will ask about their situation and make recommendations that don’t always lead to him, as a cash buyer, closing the deal.


Someone once referred a couple to go talk to him. He visited the couple for two hours. During that meeting, the husband made it clear to Bruce that he desperately wanted to move to another state, Tennessee, where he had a job waiting for him and his wife. The husband wanted such a full price without commission that he basically got in his own way, Bruce remembered.

There was an underlying desperateness to the man’s situation, so Bruce told him he could sell his house to him that night if he was willing to take less for his house. Bruce closed on their house.

Ten years later, that couple’s 21-year-old son visited his office and informed Bruce that he had been causing trouble in their house, due to his gang involvement. He told Bruce that had if he not bought their house, they wouldn’t have been able to move — and that kid would have ended up dead. He asked Bruce to teach him what he knew and how he was able to purchase his childhood home. That kid went on to open an office on Magnolia and Riverside and bought houses.


The first foreclosure Bruce ever door-knocked was an elderly woman who had $13,000 of debt on a $64,000 house. Because he didn’t want to make the woman homeless, Bruce was able to get the lender to arrange a loan for her — largely thanks to the equity she had in the house. Therefore, she was able to keep her house.

Bruce said he wants both sides of that when he’s a buyer. He wants to be able to look across the table and if he can help the seller make the decision he’d make if he were in their situation, he also wants to be kind enough to let them know when they’re making a mistake.

I asked Bruce how he switched from real estate as a job to having freedom and creating financial stability.

“It really wasn’t a priority to me, so I kept very little inventory for rentals for the first 15 year plus years; I just flipped,” he said.

Bruce added that Jack Fullerton was influential in saying, “That’s great, but what happens if you get hurt or sick? How are you going to have income coming in?”

Bruce said he took that question to heart. While on vacation in Maui, he listened to Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Thus, he learned Kiyosaki’s four ways to make income quadrant.


Bruce said he was always working for someone else or self-employed (the left side of the quadrant) — but on the right side of the quadrant, he was attracted to the two that involved running a business that didn’t need him and collecting checks from investments.

From that vacation on, Bruce changed the way he made income. He said he’s not self-employed because when he goes on vacation, his business can run without him. Thus, he runs a company. Bruce’s loan business, education business, and rentals all started to run without him, and he said he’s probably the least needed person at The Norris Group.

According to Bruce, it took him until late 2005 for his rental income to allow him to feel financially free. He had to think long term and at age 33, a $30,000 profit from a flip was more appealing to him than a cash flow of $200. Bruce said it took him a while to want to be methodical with the rental income and to actually fulfill that vision.

Bruce and The Norris Group can be reached at www.thenorrisgroup.com


Christina Suter

Christina Suter

As the founder and lead consultant of Ground Level Consulting, Christina L. Suter brings two decades of real-world experience as a serial small business owner and real estate investor. She developed her extensive financial and operational skills firsthand as she faced and overcame each difficulty that appeared along the way. As a result, she started up, managed and sold several businesses successfully, while developing an extensive real estate portfolio.

In 2002, Christina made the decision to leverage her experience into helping other small business owners and property owners through a consulting practice that works the way an entrepreneur works, dealing with the pressing problems of a business on the ground level and in real time. Since then, she has supported numerous companies throughout southern California and the western United States move beyond surviving to thriving.

Christina’s solid background and education–including a Bachelors in Business, an Associates in Teaching and a Masters in Psychology–strongly influence her work with your company as a Ground Level client. Not only does she have a keen insight into what will make or break the success of your business, but she can teach you the skills you need going forward. And she does this in a warm, supportive, non-judgmental way that is always highly respectful of your personal values.

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Kick The Learning Curve To The Curb: Hit The Gas On Your Real Estate Goals

By Peter Vekselman

Peter Vekselman is looking for aspiring investors who are willing to put in some hustle. In return, his partners not only gain the benefit of a high performance team, but all the money you could ask for to fund your deals too.

Nothing Is The Same Here

Dubbed ‘America’s Real Estate Investor Expert’, Peter Vekselman has been featured on Market Insider, ABC, Fox, and in the Boston Herald and Washington Business Journal.

We managed to catch up with Peter in between writing earnest money deposit checks for thousands of dollars for his partners’ property deals. He is a house flipper, investor and funding partner with offices in multiple states. Though, that’s about where the similarities between Peter and all of those real estate investing ‘gurus’ ends.

As he says “nothing is the same here.” There are a lot of real estate investors who have done a few deals, and now have crowned themselves as educators. The majority of them don’t seem to be doing much in real estate anymore, except for selling books, and more events.

While he may already be very successful, Peter is still in the trenches, doing deals every month. He believes in sharing that knowledge and training the next generation of investors, but his approach is very different. He’s willing to partner with those who are serious and willing to put in some hustle. He’s willing to do deals right alongside them, and put his money on the line to fund their success.

Bringing Home The Bacon With Brick Houses

brick housesWhen his camera crew isn’t catching him enjoying a thoughtful moment with an Arturo or Brick House cigar, Peter is hosting live coaching sessions, or hugging and high-fiving his student-partners who have seen their lives changed by what real estate can do for them when done right.

This mentor has been in the business for over 22 years – clocking up over 3,600 real estate deals over the years.

Being transparent, Vekselman tells us that his Partner Driven program helps him do more deal flow every month. As any experienced real estate pro knows, once you start hitting 15 to 30 transactions every month, it takes a team. It takes manpower and womanpower and partners.

So, in exchange for helping aspiring investors avoid all the pain and expense of the pitfalls that are out there waiting for them, Peter partners with them, gets real deals done, and they split the profits 50/50.

Success Stories

Peter’s websites sport numerous success stories of those who have partnered with him already.

DSC_0348 smallThere is Denisha, a mother of six in South Florida, who did her first deal with no money for her own down payment – who made a profit of $18,300.

There is 20 year old ex-bank teller Alex, who went from making a measly $1,500 a month salary to scoring $52,000 on his first deal with Peter.

Then there is Ivo, who made $26,000 on his first deal, fresh out of school, and has gone on to closing over 200 transactions, and starting HigherOffer.com – a company that is now doing 8 to 10 deals a month.

No Guru Has This…

He does not proclaim to be a guru, yet, if you want to compare Peter to those other guys, he says “no guru has this…”

Those who join the Partner Driven program get:

● One on one coaching
● A professional team already in place
● Help with every step of structuring and closing deals
● Support and marketing materials
● Contracts and help using them
● Experts to rehab properties

That’s just the foundation. He’ll not only show you how to do the deals, he’ll put up 100% of the money needed to get them done. That means deposit money, closing costs, purchase money and repair money.

DSC_0077 smallSome people say they will do these things, and then just leave their students hanging in the wind, out on their own to try and find deals, and deals that work.

Not here. Peter has personally jumped on jets to go meet with sellers and get deals closed for his partners. He even provides an in-house team who help partners with all the research for finding local pre-foreclosure deals and ripe single family homes to bank on. You get a real pro to stand by your side, and get to use his experience and money.

What’s The Strategy?

chess-3325010 smallVekselman says “this is a fast paced market, where there is a lot of competition, but where flipping homes and wholesaling houses can be incredibly profitable.”

These are the two most popular strategies used by his student-partners. Though many have gone on to expand their own businesses into great personal brands and diverse empires of their own.

If you’re really serious, and willing to at least put in the work part-time, and truly take action, Peter invites you to call him directly. Pick up your phone and dial (404) 915-9685.

If you want to learn more, and see the types of results others are getting first, hop onto CoachingByPeter.com, and check out the Facebook group too.


Wondering What to do NOW In Real Estate? (Part 1)

By Jimmy V. Reed

So what do you do when the market is flooded with so much
Competition? How do you really get Wealthy in Real Estate? Getting fed up!?? How about Real Wealth Deals???

It seems everyone has started buying any and everything in real estate and the worst part is everybody is in real estate and everyone in real estate is claiming to be some kind of Expert! There is so much overload on what you should do and how you should to do it. It can certainly drive a person crazy just starting out in the business. Well it can also drive a 30 plus year Seasoned investor crazy too!

human-3175027_1280So, what happened? Well Social Media and the Internet has given everyone access to everyone and everything real estate. To top it off you can get a lot of new wanna be investors mixed in with those who are really serious and interested in investing, that in return creates so much run around that it sometimes all seems like a big waste of time. All these Experts are saying you need to be on Facebook, Craigs List, every Internet site there is. Market everywhere & to everyone, and yet I think when you send an email these days everyone just gets use to hitting the delete button from all the overload of emails, they no longer even really read them.

Now let’s step back to the days of old, by the way everyone out there will also tell you old stuff wont work. But give me a minute and I can explain, “yes it can”! See there is a higher level of investing from what I call Real Networking. You see most investors today go to all these free Networking events, well because there free! Broke people tend to be the majority at most of these Networking events. Go back in time yet even still today and you find that the Wealthy still Network like they always have. They’re at their Monday Golf games, or their every Tuesday lunch meeting with the 2 to 4 people that they have done business with over the years.

yacht-4292334_1280You see the Wealthy hang out with other wealthy people. They want the people around them to be smarter & wealthier than themselves. And no matter what the investment or the technique they use to get it done there are some basic principles that never change. So, let’s talk about some of the most important.

First most people may start out just like I did, broke! So, they go straight for the greatest technique Wholesale! But now days it’s changed a lot. If you are in a market where prices are soaring and everyone and their mother is your competition, then it’s going to be tough! You also must look at where you are looking for your potential deals? Is it on Social Media? MLS? Keep in mind now days everyone likes to market that they have an “OFF Market Deal” as they scream that out over the Internet to the whole world. So, what do you do?

Well first let’s list other ways to make Money vs get Wealthy. Second thought lets just go for Wealthy! However, before I do let me help a little with Wholesale. How about Wholesaling Notes. You may have less competition. Or look at Probate but not a list! Check out other articles or our website about these and other ways to find deals with less competition at www.JimmyReed.net.

Now Wealth, real Wealth is really just this simple, whether you like it or not. “You Buy & Sell to create Cash! And You Buy & Hold to Become Wealthy!” If you just keep buying and selling you will always be working a job. Regardless if you are Wholesaling or Flipping Rehabs, it’s just work, a JOB!

sale-3701773_1280Holding Houses or any real estate that pays you Monthly is the first step to becoming Wealthy. By the way holding houses verses holding notes both are great, but the notes do eventually come to an end. Holding assets that produce income in the right Markets will always keep you in the Cash Flow regardless if you work or not.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself well how are you going to do that with no money, well you’re not, but someone may be able to help you. That is exactly how I got started back in the late 80’s. I found a partner with money to put down to get a house we could buy, fix and sell. However about 6 months in it became a buy & hold asset instead. I won’t go into all the details but basically it became one of my first rentals.

Now I know many will say I don’t want a rental, or I don’t want to manage property, or even the most popular “tenants will just tear it up”. Well I can agree with you on all of that. However, after 30 plus years of investing this one strategy of Buy & Hold has truly been how we have made the most money over time. We have had every issue you can think of from damages to drug raids even fires, you name it and it has happened to us.

taxes-646511_1280-1024x538So, get over it! Here is what you need to focus on, one you have tax benefits, two you have Monthly income, and third you can refi the property several times over the years you hold title on it. Lastly you can even use that refi money to purchase more rentals. Start to build your portfolio and start creating a line of credit with the equity. So much more I can tell you, but I want to get to the bigger picture here.

After having rentals for many years including apartment buildings, duplexes etc… I decided to kick up my Wholesale machine the last couple of years, and low and behold I can’t seem to find any REAL Wholesale Deals! All those new people have driven the market up and created so much competition its just not as easy to get great deals as it use to be. However, via our Network and searching in the areas that have less competition we do find some great deals. But again, prices are nuts and the rehab has gone up all because our Market is HOT!

So now to what this whole article is really about, and that is going to Markets just outside the major Markets. See I live in what we call here in North Texas as the DFW Market. Over the last several years we went from some 5 plus million people to over 7 million plus. Outside buyers from higher priced markets such as California, New York, etc… have driven up our prices with all the demand. So, everyone has jumped into the real estate game.

new-home-1664284_1280So, as you have probably figured out, I like to be in my own little arena where no one else is playing or at lest very few. I aim for the strategy most investors are not, and buying rentals is one of those. Especially if that rental is NEW Construction. Yes, we are starting to do something a lot of Texans in the past just would not do, and that is travel outside our markets like the Californian Investor has done for years.

Only thing is we don’t have to travel that far. You see we have found some really hot markets anywhere from a 30-minute drive up to a round 3 hours outside the booming DFW Market. Best of all I’m now buying New Construction houses with all the higher end fixtures, flooring, even all brick construction. Best of all they cost less than that 1960 or 1970 home I buy in my backyard that still needs $30 to 50k in rehab on top of the purchase price. Even after those houses are rehabbed, they still are older houses.

So, let me tell you this article will be a two-part piece. This first part we will look at some of these new construction properties in these out of the Metroplex market. Yes, they still have a high demand and do cash flow as rentals. In the next issue (Part 2) we will talk about these properties and how to take the standard rental and have the option to turn it into a VRBO, for in many cases you will triple the Cash Flow!

So lets begin with the market where I am buying New Construction for rental only just less than an hour to hour and half outside the DFW Market. By the way we even have a great Property Manager we work with from our real estate club who can manage them.

What I’m purchasing are properties that are typically 2-1 or 2-2 brick houses with all the high-end fixtures and flooring and even include the stainless steel or black appliances. These properties are smaller but there is a demand for the price point as a rental and even as a resale later.

architecture-2804069_1280The little town they are in was voted as the number 1 Historic Downtown in the USA. And let me tell you the Market is rocking with just a few Investors. Many DFW Investors don’t even know about how Hot the Market is here. Here is a little glimpse of it.

Yes, this little town is booming with growth and not enough properties for the growth. More importantly hardly any affordable rentals in the area. And when you find something for rent that is close to being affordable its most likely a mobile home.

So, opportunity has arrived! We can get these homes anywhere from around $158 -$165k and they can rent from $1,300 to $1,400 a Month. Keep in mind you have a new product, so repairs are very minimal. Then, because of the lake access and the properties being less than a few miles from the Square they could also be used as VRBO and Airbnb. We will talk more about that in next Month’s article.

Imagine having brand new construction houses in the hottest little Market in the US just South of the DFW Area which is rated 4th largest Metropolitan area in the US. Just 30-minute drive from Fort Worth and another 45 – 75 minutes from Arlington, and Dallas.

Granbury TexasAt the time I’m writing this Linda the owner of Realty 411 & REI Wealth has asked us to help out at her October 2020 Texas Expo. Last year we did a bus tour for rehabbing properties. This year if all goes to plan, we will be doing it again, but this time the Bus training is going to Granbury for New Construction Investing!

Make sure to keep an eye out in the magazine and Realty 411 Marketing emails so you can make it to Texas for the Lone Star Expo! Also don’t forget next Months magazine with part 2 of this article.

So, in closing for this first article was to help get you out of the box of doing what everyone else does. When we travel the country speaking at clubs and Expos, we always talk about how to Wholesale in today’s market and also how to look in areas most do not such as Probate. Sometimes we will even do a 1- or 2-Day Training in the area to teach on these subjects and more. This year part of our full day events we will include these new construction opportunities along with using them as VRBO and Airbnb as another avenue for increased cash flow.

We also cover how to make more money tax free with these investments using a Roth IRA. So, you may also want to consider opening an IRA to hold these Buy & Hold investments. Yes, you may not have much money in them when you start. But you can open one and then start to wholesale properties, or even wholesale notes so you can start to get some cash built up. Then you are also building your wealth for the future. Typically, with an IRA you are building that wealth tax free. So, using a Roth does have some real advantages.

The main thing is position yourself so you can maneuver positively so no matter where the market turns. If you keep your eyes on the market and not so much on the quick buck, you can become very successful even Wealthy at this real estate game!

Be Blessed with Success!

Jimmy Reed


Jimmy V. Reed

Jimmy V. Reed of Fort Worth, Texas has been investing in real estate since 1987. In 1991, he started conducting full-day training sessions on Wholesaling. He then began teaching and mentoring others throughout the country. He is currently the founder of the Fort Worth Real Estate Club www.1REclub.com and has his own real estate training company that includes Wholesale, Probate, Mentoring & a Biblically based Debt Free training course and more!

More info available at www.JimmyReed.net