By Fuquan Bilal

Manhattan has fallen. For over a year the heart of the Big Apple has been battling a real estate correction. While it may not be fun for NYC homeowners, it makes other markets like New Jersey look really appealing to investors.


Manhattan’s real estate market has been beaten up, beat down and stomped on over the last year. We’re already seeing the beginning of what could be a much deeper decline.

Overbuilding, overpricing, and often a complete lack of product-market fit has left some developers with 1,000 plus empty units they can’t sell. Even despite offering upgrades and paying years of condo dues on behalf of buyers.

Retail units are going vacant, inventory in general is rising, and higher property taxes are adding to the crunch. According to Zillow, the median home price in Manhattan is now over $1.5M. That represents a price per square foot of almost $1,500. Almost 10% of properties are in negative equity positions again, and over 13% of sellers cut their asking prices again last month. Rents are averaging $3,395 per month.

Zillow says home prices have fallen over 5% in the last 12 months and will keep declining through 2019. One recent condo sale shows a 24% cut from asking price.

That makes it very hard to justify investing for both the professional and retail home buyer. Although there may be new sales records set by the most skilled developers, such as the recent $238M condo purchase, these will be the exception and mostly born out of wealthy execs and family offices looking to hide money in the safety of real estate during the new recession.


While it might feel like King Kong has been unleashed on the Manhattan real estate market, it’s quite a different story across the water in New Jersey.

Obviously, all real estate is local, and NJ has many submarkets. Yet, most places you look you’ll find quite stark contrasts to what’s going on in Manhattan, NY.

Clifton, NJ is still in great proximity to Manhattan for all the fun and business you want. Yet, the median home sales price here is just $341,100. Median price per square foot is only $238. The average rent is $2,100 a month. Zillow forecasts home values in Clifton to rise another almost 6% in 2019.

Then there is Trenton, NJ. Trenton boasts an average price per square foot of just $51. The median list price is just $69,950. Rents average $1,200 a month, providing a far superior price to rent ratio than you’ll ever dream of finding in Manhattan.

Investing in distressed markets presents a great opportunity, though there is a time for it. The numbers still have to make sense and be profitable within your strategy. Where will you be investing this year?


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By Fuquan Bilal

Arbitrage is both a very basic concept and a high level strategy deployed by sophisticated investors and entrepreneurs. It’s used for efficiently creating great profits, with a lot less hassle and stress. So, how does it work? Who is using it? How can you apply it?

Who Uses Arbitrage to Supersize their Potential & Paychecks?

  • Google with its ad services
  • Governments at all levels, with taxes and funding
  • The biggest financial institutions and brokers
  • Banks and funds
  • Amazon and Walmart
  • The Concept

According to the dictionary definition, arbitrage is:

“The simultaneous buying and selling of securities, currency, or commodities in different markets or in derivative forms in order to take advantage of differing prices for the same asset.”

The Cracks in the Market

Those leveraging arbitrage are those that see the gaps in the market. Gaps in the supply and demand chain.

Today so many have fallen into the temptation to try and do it all. Most just don’t do it very well. At least not nearly as efficiently or profitably as they could. They stunt their potential and under serve by trying to do too much, without being experts or having the time or hiring pros in all the different areas and roles involved.

What’s Better…

Know what you’re best at. What you love. Outsource the rest to someone you can trust.

Maybe you are great at finding assets, rehabbing, or selling houses. That’s great. Let someone else pick up the other parts. You’ll enjoy what you are doing more. You’ll do a lot better at what you are focusing on. You can go a lot bigger.

Financial Arbitrage

In this space it means, you raise the money, and you put it to work with someone like us. For example; you may be great at raising money at 4%, we might pay out double that. You get the difference. All with NONE of the work. Network, meet investors, collect checks, put it to work, get checks back. Done.

Find out about our latest fund and how you can participate and use arbitrage to make more while doing less, and enjoying it a whole lot more.


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Loan Officers, Real Estate Agents, Developers and Investors are invited to the Son Cubano Restaurant in West New York in May to learn more about Stratton Equities

April 17,2019- Parsippany NJ – New Jersey based Mortgage Lender, Stratton Equities, is making noise with their launch event; The Stratton Equities’ Spring Meet and Greet on Wednesday, May 22. To RSVP or learn more information about the Spring Meet and Greet follow the link here:

Stratton Equities is a leading Nationwide direct Hard Money Lender that offers the most diverse array of programs in Today’s industry. Providing loans such as Hard Money, Private Money, Fix and Flip, Stated Income, Commercial, and more.

The Parsippany, NJ, flagship location is home to Founder, serial entrepreneur Michael Mikhail, and hungry Loan Officers that close their first loans in an unheard of previously – 4-6 weeks- and now they are ready to make a splash in the fast growing Mortgage lending industry with their upcoming Meet and Greet event.

After their soft launch in mid-2017, Stratton Equities focused on building their foundation of providing the most innovative programs at the lowest rates.

In early 2019, Stratton Equities became listed in the Scotsman Guide and focused their efforts on expanding outreach with the creation of their Seasonal Meet and Greets.

The focus of each event is to connect Loan Officers, Real Estate Agents, Developers and Investors- face to face- with curated one on one meetings during an entertaining affair focused on showcasing the high quality and luxury lifestyle that Stratton Equities possesses.

On Wednesday, May 22, The Stratton Equities’ Spring Meet and Greet will commence at Son Cubano Restaurant in West New York, in partnership with Remax Realtor Carlie Carreira and Media Partner, Realty 411.

Attendees can enjoy signature themed cocktails, the New York City skyline, and tasty appetizers, while they network with top influential members in the industry.

All guests will be able to take home a Stratton Equities’ VIP Gift Bag filled with products from their sponsors: Simplicity Title, Design + Build Enterpríses, United Real Estate New Jersey, Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services.

To find out more about Stratton Equities, please visit

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Another Reader Retires Five Years After Buying 1st Rental

Hello, Realty411 readers! I hope everyone is doing fantastic and ready to step into Spring. It’s my hope that you’re expanding your education and forging ahead with your investment goals.

I, for one, am moving right along with my mission of providing complimentary and quality resources to investors around the world, which can help them realize their financial goals.

Recently, Bobby S., one of our long-term followers in the Bay Area, reached out to share with me that he was turning in his resignation at the technology company where he worked. He is only 55 years young so he’s definitely retiring early, which is what most people dream of doing.

The reason he specifically called was to thank me for organizing an out-of-state investing bus tour five years ago, which helped him buy his first long-distance rental. That experience also sparked an interest in him to want to help others learn to invest as well.

Soon, he began to tell his colleagues about his positive investing experience, and he began to seek more properties out for himself, and later also for his friends and associates.

After a number of years, our loyal investor/reader evolved into an educated authority on investing in out-of-state rentals. He now also hosts his own events and has a loyal following of investors. What an amazing experience to know that Realty411 was the instrument which shaped Bobby’s early retirement. Not only did we teach him about passive cash flow, but now he is multiplying that message by sharing it.

What a joy to know that Realty411 is changing LIVES! I changed the course of my life with real estate, and now it’s your turn too. Please call us anytime if we can assist you, or if you have any questions: (805) 693-1497. I hope to see you soon at our next live event!


Secure Your Future: Investing in Real Estate Through Self-Directed IRAs

By Kaaren Hall

Do you have a 401(k) with a previous employer or an IRA?

Are these accounts invested in stock market assets? Most retirement accounts are invested in stocks, bonds and mutual funds however the Self-Directed IRA lets you invest outside the stock market.

For over 40 years you have been able to invest your retirement dollars into assets like real estate and most people don’t know about it. In fact there is about $24 Trillion in US retirement accounts. Only 3-4% of that amount is invested in what’s called “alternative assets”.

When you think about building a retirement for yourself consider the Self-Directed IRA.

When it comes to investing in Real Estate, the Self-Directed IRA allows many ways to do this:

  • Residential real estate, including: apartments, single family homes, and duplexes

  • Commercial real estate

  • Undeveloped or raw land

  • REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts)

  • Real estate notes (mortgages and deeds of trusts)

  • Promissory notes

  • Private limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and C corporations

  • Tax lien certificates

Take Joe for example. Joe retired from his employer at the age of 50. It was a forced retirement because the company was restructuring. He spent 20 years at his previous employer putting aside 15% of his annual earnings. Now that he was “retired” Joe decided to become a real estate agent.

He noticed his own IRA was losing money and putting this money into a self-directed IRA was something that made sense to him. Joe says, “It gave a monthly boost to my IRA account through the rent money. Plus it gave me equity growth. As a self-employed person, it has given me a small glimpse of security into my retirement age. Whenever that will be.”

Right now and for the next decade ten-thousand baby boomers will reach age 65 every day! The average account value for Americans 55 to 64 years old is $103,000. You have to ask yourself is that is going to be enough to sustain you through your retirement years?

Many people, like Joe, are enjoying the tax-deferred or tax-free benefits of using their IRAs and 401(k)s to secure a better financial future.

So how do they do it? Self-Directing your retirement is a 3-step process to 1) Open an account 2) Fund that account and then 3) invest.

We have helped thousands and we can help you accomplish your self-directed retirement goals at uDirect IRA Services.

Kaaren Hall

Kaaren has helped hundreds of people self­direct their retirement savings. A native of California, she has a 17­year background in Real Estate, Property Management and Mortgage Lending. She has worked at such companies as Bank of America, Centex Homes, Pulte Homes and Indymac Bank. She’s held a real estate license in Washington, Texas and California and a Life & Health license in California.

Her company, uDirect IRA Services, LLC, offers self­directed education and services to investors, providing excellent customer service. Kaaren is a public speaker and master networker. A mother of two, she lives in Orange County.

If you have a question about how to use your IRA to self­directed you can contact us here at or at 866.447.6598. Our website address is .


Savvy Investors Earn 16%, 18%, Up To 24% On Government Tax Lien Certificates

The Question Is; What Is A Tax Lien?…It’s Not What You’re Thinking

By Ted Thomas

Across America, investors like you are discovering a safe, secure, predictable way to invest directly with the local government and then get checks back from the local government… here’s how..

The most common question I hear is “What is a tax lien certificate?” It is truly amazing how many people are not aware of this centuries-old investment vehicle.

The United States is a country where the majority of citizens own real estate, either residential or commercial, for many the most valuable asset they own is real estate.

Even though the housing bubble in recent years forced many people out of their homes, real estate ownership is still the goal to which most Americans aspire.

One of the costs of real estate ownership which cannot be avoided is the payment of property taxes. Local governments demand property taxes so that they may pay for civil servants and for roads, library, schools, police and fire departments to name a few. These property taxes are usually levied annually. In the U.S. there are 3,000 counties and over 1,400 municipalities that are classified as tax entities, sometimes called districts.

Tax Default

What happens if the property tax bill is not paid? The county government authorities do have remedies. They could repossess the property, but unlike vehicles or other goods, real estate can’t be moved. Instead, the government places a lien on the property.

A lien is similar to a mortgage, meaning that until the amount due is paid, the property is not owned free and clear. A delinquent tax lien is considered a senior lien – the local government must be paid before any other debtors if and when the real estate is transferred or sold. The lien is not beneficial to the municipality because it doesn’t fill their treasury with the money needed to pay for city and county services. In order to get their money right away, the municipality will offer tax lien certificates for sale to the public. This simply means, the defaulted taxes are sold at auction to willing investors. Investor’s purchase tax lien certificates because the county gives the investor a high interest rate and a secure position on the real estate.

The local government challenge is…

To collect property taxes. This is usually accomplished with an annual, or more frequent tax lien certificate auction or a tax defaulted property auction, today we’re talking about tax lien certificates. When the tax lien certificate is sold, the government collects their revenue from the investor and the property owner receives a notice of lien against their property, giving the property owner time to pay the delinquent bill. The purchaser of the certificate gets the lien certificate, which is secured by the actual real estate.

In order to remove the lien, the property owner must pay the amount of the unpaid taxes plus any applicable interest and penalties. When this revenue is received, the government authority sends a check to the tax lien certificate holder for the face amount plus the amount of interest accrued.

What If The Tax Isn’t Paid?

Sometimes the property owner just doesn’t pay the tax lien certificate which represents the taxes due, for one reason or another, it may be that the real estate became part of an estate and the heirs don’t want the property – or can’t afford it. How much time elapses between the taxes going unpaid and the municipality deciding to give up on ever receiving the revenue varies by tax district.

According to county treasurers across the United States, 95 to 97 percent of all property owners pay the delinquent tax in 24 months or less. It’s rare that a property owner fails to redeem (pay) the Tax Lien Certificate, but it does happen, nationwide, every year there are thousands of buyers who end up with property for only the cost of back taxes which they purchased at a tax defaulted auction. In a subsequent article, I’ll have more about tax defaulted property auctions, meanwhile, if the property owner fails to pay taxes, the tax lien certificate holder is awarded the property in exchange for paying the taxes, the county or municipality sends the tax lien certificate purchaser a deed, giving them the fee simple right to keep or sell the real estate.

Where To Find Tax Lien Certificates

Where can you find tax lien certificates that are up for auction? Local governments compile a list of delinquent property owners on a regular basis. This list can be found in one of three places: published by the newspaper, published online, or a printed list available directly from the government office. When you obtain the list, you can also get instructions and the date of the next auction of tax lien certificates.

To review, only two things may occur if you purchase a tax lien certificate. Number 1, the property owner gets their act together and redeems the certificate, that is they pay the certificate and when they pay you’ll receive all the money you invested plus a high interest rate which could be 16, 18, up to 36%. Number 2, the property owner continues the default and does not pay and the time limit runs out and you end up with the property free and clear. The mortgage is wiped out by an act of law, that is, the mortgage is extinguished by law in every state and every county in America.

Advantages of Tax Lien Certificate investing

Tax lien certificates pay interest rates up to 16%, 18%, 24% even 36% depending on the county where you purchase, each county has its own rules and amounts they pay. Conservative investors really like tax lien certificates because they are passive investments with very low risk. In short, they are predictable, certain and secure. Watch for more details in the future…


Ted Thomas is famous for showing newcomers and investors how to earn 6 figure incomes within 1 year of completing his training program. Conservative investors love tax lien certificates because they are predictable, certain and secure and sold by local government. Tax defaulted properties are sold at oral big auctions and online. Starting bid, only the back taxes…. More information at


Best Kept Secrets To Get More Motivated Sellers Contacting You

By: Kathy Kennebrook, The Marketing Magic Lady

Getting motivated sellers to contact you first is essential to any successful Real Estate Investor’s business. A truly motivated seller is the key to a good deal; the more motivated the seller, the better the deal. You will find very quickly, as I did, that you will be able to buy a lot more houses at much better prices if you target the right sellers. You will also get the terms you want when the seller contacts you first, especially in some of today’s really hot real estate markets. You’ll want to target the kind of sellers who truly need to sell as opposed to those who just want to sell, including those sellers in pre-foreclosure.

Marketing to sellers is also a numbers’ game. The more motivated sellers you are able to locate, the more motivated sellers you will have contacting you, and the more opportunities you’ll have to make good deals. The secret is in learning how to find the truly motivated sellers.

Whom exactly are you going to be marketing to? Motivation comes in many forms. Sellers need to sell for a variety of reasons. Some reasons have to do with the sellers themselves, such as age, health status, job situations, personal situations, financial difficulties, change in family size or change in marital status.

Other reasons might have to do with the property itself, such as an estate, a property that needs too much work, or a property that has been vacant for a significant period of time. This would also include land lords who have simply had enough of tenants damaging their properties over and over again.

So how do you find these sellers and how should you market to them? The best way I’ve found to do this is by using at least three to five different marketing strategies at all times. One of the multi-pronged marketing approaches is the proper use of direct mail to reach these very motivated sellers. You always want to be reaching your market in a variety of different ways to draw the highest number of motivated sellers to you.

The BIG secret to effective direct mail campaigns is to use them over and over to the same potential sellers. As you will quickly discover, given time, almost every potential sellers’ circumstances change and make them more ready to sell.

I also find that these mailings are very residual. These potential sellers will hold onto your direct mail pieces until their circumstances dictate that they contact you, especially since they probably have not had any contact from anyone else, because usually their properties are not being actively marketed.

Since they are not being actively marketed, there is virtually no competition for these deals. And… if you take the time to actively follow up with your direct mail campaigns and with your sellers, these sellers will contact you first when they need to sell, even if they have been contacted by someone else in the meantime.

This makes it even easier for you to make a good deal. In addition, during the time you have been mailing sequentially to these potential sellers, you continue to build credibility with them. This will give you a significant advantage over your competition, since these sellers feel they already have a “relationship” with you.

The biggest part of the secret is to find the sellers who really want to sell. I use different direct mail campaigns to successfully locate several types of motivated sellers depending on what kind of deals I am specifically looking for in my business. The best way for you to build your business quickly is to use a number of different methods to draw motivated sellers simultaneously.

This can best be done by locating mailing lists and refining them to meet your specific criteria, and then mail to them over and over, cleaning your lists as you go. I find that I get the best results by mailing to my lists at least every sixty to ninety days. This is very easy to do if you implement a follow up system which will help you to track your mailings and your deals.

You’ll also quickly discover that different types of direct mail pieces and lists work better in some parts of the country than in others. Some of these lists might include mailings to out of state property owners, burned out land lords, quit claim deeds, military transfers, estates or pre-foreclosures. These are all sources of highly motivated sellers.

Be sure to give your potential sellers several different ways to contact you such as mail, e-mail, fax, phone and a website. The more ways you give these sellers to contact you, the more of them will contact you, especially when you make it more convenient for them by giving them several ways to reach you. This way they can contact you in the way that is the most comfortable for them and at their convenience.

When you learn how to get motivated sellers contacting you and then learn how to purchase properties using a number of different methods, the possibilities become almost endless. If you use several different methods to get motivated sellers contacting you, you will have more opportunities than you can even imagine. You get to pick and choose the deals that you want to do! Because you get to pick and choose the deals you want to do, you can also pick the exit strategy that most suits your needs, such as wholesaling, renting, selling or lease/options. There is no other marketing strategy that gives you this much control over your deals.

In addition, in today’s market, since so many folks are focused on pre-foreclosures, there is a whole other market of sellers who need our help as well, like divorces, estates and probate, military transfers, burned out landlords and Spanish Speaking homeowners. These are just a few of the types of sellers we need to be concentrating on to create great deals, including those that come with owner financing.

Using direct mail campaigns to market to motivated sellers and developing a “cookie cutter” system to accomplish this is one of most affordable, reliable, and effective ways that I know to build your business quickly and have more qualified motivated sellers contacting you than you will be able to handle.

For more information on Kathy Kennebrook’s marketing tools to find all the motivated sellers and lenders you need for your real estate investing business go to Kathy’s website at While you are there be sure and sign up for her monthly newsletter and receive $149.00 of real estate tools absolutely FREE!!

Kathy Kennebrook

Contact Info:

Kathy Kennebrook
Dagger LLC
P.O. Box 14343
Bradenton Fl 34280

941-795-6887 (fax)

Kathy Kennebrook is the ultimate success story. She spent several years in the banking industry before discovering the world of real estate. After attending some real estate seminars this 4 foot 11 mother of two got really excited and before you know it she’d bought and sold hundreds of properties using none of her own money or credit.

Kathy holds a degree in accounting and has co-authored the books- The Venus Approach to Real Estate Investing, Walking With the Wise Real Estate Investor, and Walking With the Wise Entrepreneur which also includes real estate experts Donald Trump, Suze Orman, Robert Kiyosaki, and Dr. Wayne Dyer. She is the nation’s leading expert at finding highly qualified, motivated sellers, buyers and lenders using many types of direct mail marketing. She is known throughout the United States and Canada as the Marketing Magic Lady. She has put together a simple step-by-step system that anyone can follow to duplicate her success.

Kathy has been speaking throughout the country and across Canada for over 14 years and has shared the stage with Ron LeGrand, Donald Trump, Dr. Phil., Dan Kennedy, Mark Victor Hansen, Ted Thomas and Suze Orman to name a few.

Kathy is going to share with you how she generates a seven figure income by mailing a handful of letters throughout the year to highly selected targets by knowing exactly what to send them, who to send them to and exactly how to deliver her message. She will teach you the secrets of pre-screening and automating your marketing and follow up systems to put your entire Real Estate business on auto-pilot.


Every Month | July 9, 2015

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Why Coworking is the Future of Office Space

Coworking spaces seemed like a niche market just ten years ago. Now they are popping up everywhere, with coworking spaces in Cincinnati, New York, London, and cities across the globe. More professionals and small businesses are starting to see the value of working in a shared office space. There were more than 1.2 million coworking members in 2017, and this number is expected to grow considerably in the coming years.

The growing popularity of coworking is due to several factors, but at its core, it is a response to the fact that traditional office environments were not meeting the needs of many of today’s workers. The following are a few of the reasons why coworking is going to continue to grow and become more popular.

An Answer to Unemployment or Underemployment

In many industries, traditional jobs are no longer available or necessary to a business. This has led many to strike out on their own and find their own work.

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, a number of companies went under and people lost their jobs. As a result, the number of people working in co-working spaces increased. At a time of unemployment or underemployment, coworking is often a viable solution for professionals looking to take control of their career.

A Resource for Freelancers

The nature of work is changing, and there is no clearer sign of this than the increase in the number of people who work as freelancers. This trend is expected to continue, and as it does, coworking spaces are going to be a vital resource for independently employed workers.

For freelancers, a coworking space is more than just a place to complete projects. Coworking spaces are more affordable for contract employees who need an office space away from the home. Beyond that, shared offices provide them with resources and networking opportunities that would not be available if they worked in a space on their own.

A Way to Fill Floor Space

Developing coworking spaces has also become a popular option for property owners and landlords. As traditional businesses have struggled and gone out of business, the idea of converting buildings to coworking spaces is an effective way to fill empty floor space.

As the market for coworking grows, you are going to see more property owners looking to convert traditional offices and other structures into coworking spaces. In 2016, there were just over 11,000 coworking spaces. This was up from a mere 436 in 2010, and the number is projected to grow to beyond 26,000 by the year 2020.

Providing Personal Connections

One of the downsides for freelancers and independent workers is that they miss the connections they develop with other people in the workplace. For many coworking members, sharing the space with other people is one of the most significant benefits.

A coworking member may work on his or her own, but they still have people with whom they can interact. Furthermore, coworkers often find the relationships to be beneficial to their work. Collaboration between different members is a common part of the coworking experience.

While ten years ago, coworking may have seemed strange, it is now the new norm for freelancers, startups, and large businesses. These shared offices offer many benefits, and are only expected to grow in popularity. If you’re looking to change your every day routine, joining a coworking space is a great way to open yourself (and your business!) up to new opportunities.


Sun and Sea Villas Boutique Hotel Changes Hands

Lauderdale-By-the-Sea, FL- March 21 – Rick Tobin of Premier Hotel Realty announced today that Sun and Sea Villas, a 9 unit hotel, was sold Friday March 15th to a buyer from North Carolina, for $1,990,000. Sun and Sea Villas is located at 4512 Bougainvillea Drive, one block from the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and 2 blocks north of Lauderdale by the Sea’s bustling downtown.

Sun and Sea Villas has been a favorite of seasonal travelers because of its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and to Lauderdale-by-the-Sea’s popular beach area, downtown shops and restaurants. The pet-friendly property also offers access to a public park across the street with tennis courts, basketball courts, a playground and a dog walk.

The seller sought out the help of Premier Hotel Realty to market the property both locally and internationally to buyers who would appreciate the increasing values, great weather and economic and political stability of this seaside community.

Rick Tobin, Broker for Premier Hotel Realty and a Director of the Greater Pompano Beach and Lauderdale by the Sea Chambers of Commerce said, “We saw massive interest from both local and foreign buyers looking for a South Florida beach-area resort. Investors from around the world are noticing the long term value of the area. This is one of the many recent hotel sales that I’ve been involved in. I’m honored to be playing a part, not only in helping these sellers move on to new goals, but also to be bringing new owners to the area. I only wish I had more properties for eager buyers.”

About Premier Hotel Realty

Premier Hotel Realty, led by Broker, Rick Tobin, is based in Pompano Beach, Florida and globally markets a wide variety of commercial properties. Premier has been advising on hotel and other commercial transactions in South Florida’s beach communities. Tobin also markets local apartment buildings, industrial properties and other types of commercial real estate, often marketing to investors from around the world, recently including Canada, Sweden, the Ukraine, Denmark, Israel and various countries in South America.

For more information contact Premier at