Learn Private Lending and Syndication in Person

Premiere IN-PERSON Workshop on Syndication and Private Lending

Two Proven Strategies for Owning Real Estate With Little or No Money of Your Own and with Other People’s Money (OPM)

Instructors: Sam Sadat and T. Taylor

instructorA comprehensive workshop on how to create real estate syndications on multi-units and how to benefit from private lending. Here is what you will learn in this powerful interactive workshop: How to analyze any loan inquiry quickly and accurately, so you can issue pre-approvals in one day and close the loan in 7-10 days! Where to find money at low rates, so you can loan out at high rates, get a few points, plus a solid spread – you need no money of your own! How to make first and second loans in partnership with others, safely and securely. Reviewing forms you need to make this business a reality.

Learn what type of property is suitable for syndication. Effective analysis of each property to determine viability. Where to find money for your syndications. Reviewing the syndication forms and how you can own a piece of each property with no money of your own. You will receive all the necessary documents. Late lunch will be served. We have limited space. Register early to save. Become a VIP now and save even more!

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Venue: Central Tower building
1424 4th Street, Room 213, Santa Monica, CA 90401
Covid Note: We will conform to CDC guidelines and state mandates

Registration through 6/25/21

VIP Levels 2 & 3: $499
VIP Level 1: $599
Non-VIP: $799
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VIPs get unlimited support
Non-VIPs get 12 months support

Registration 6/26/21 (day of the event)

(no online registration after 6/25)

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