The Numbers Are In – Realty411 Reaches Thousands in Person in 2015

Realty411 Expo RSVPs totaled 6,189 in 2015, Skyrocketing Realty411 as One of the Most Popular Real Estate Expos in the Nation

Santa Barbara, Calif. – The numbers are in and Realty411 garnered over 6,000 RSVPs for their expos in 2015, according to, a leading event marketing and registration website. Additionally, their events reached over 250,000 people across the country through their profile.

Realty411 hosted a total of 22 events and expos from Manhattan to San Francisco last year. Many of these events also doubled as charity expos raising awareness and donations for distinguished nonprofits, such as the Salvation Army, the San Diego Rescue Mission, the Los Angeles Rescue Mission, the Orange County Transitional Women’s Center, Long Island Cares, and NARF – Nike Animal Rescue Foundation.

Besides reaching thousands of readers, subscribers, fans and industry colleagues in person, Realty411′s expo listings on garnered over 250,000 visits by investors around the world. Although well over 90 percent of readers are in the United States, online statistics on numerous digital publication platforms utilized by Realty411 confirm a global audience of readers.

While numerous exposition companies that produce a handful of events per year have an army of employees, Realty411 produced nearly two dozen events around the nation with a small staff, resulting in sponsorship rates that emphasize alue and maximize visibility in person and online.

Realty411′s national expo schedule for 2016 continues to expand to new cities, such as Miami, Fla., Houston, Tex., and Chicago, Ill. In addition, the company will continue to visit important cities around the nation, including Dallas, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Long Island and other vital markets.

While most of the expos are produced and owned entirely by Realty411, some events, such as the Lone Star Real Estate Expo, are joint ventures with prominent industry organizations, such as AREA, the Arlington Real Estate Association (of Investors).

For 2016, Realty411 continues to expand their joint venture productions to include other associations around the country who share in Realty411′s mission of providing complimentary real estate resources for all those who wish to expand their knowledge.

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These statistics are from – This is the original screenshot from the San Francisco-based event ticketing company, which we use to independently track results.


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