Outdoor Features That Help Sell Homes

By Damien Justus

If your home is for sale by owner, you’ve probably heard that you’re at a disadvantage. Using a professional real estate agent is helpful to some, but numerous homeowners can focus on selling their own homes on their own terms regularly. By doing your homework and learning what it is that goes into selling a home effectively, you can sell your home quickly. For many, it’s outdoor features that sell houses in many neighborhoods. These outdoor features sell homes faster than any others, and they’re the kind of features buyers won’t soon forget.

Water Features

Beautiful landscaping is always attractive, but it’s not the only thing that sells a house. Outdoor features are meant to enhance lovely landscaping, and nothing does this better than a water feature. Whether you have a small pond installed in which the koi can swim freely or you install an in-ground pool with a resort-style waterfall and hot tub, buyers are going to remember your yard before that of someone else.

Resort-Style Backyards

This might not be such a benefit to those who live where the weather turns cold in the fall and winter, but southern homeowners get miles out of their resort-style pools and backyards. Think along the lines of natural stone pool decks, pavers, waterfalls, hot tubs, sun decks, and outdoor bars where cocktails flow nicely on a hot summer’s day. This sells homes for many buyers, especially those who love to feel as if they’re vacationing in the summer in their own yard.

Outdoor Kitchens

These are one of the most enjoyable outdoor features in any home. People love to spend time outdoors, and they love when they can cook out there. Buyers an easily imagine their kids running through a lush green lawn while they grill some steaks and sip a cold beverage with good friends on the back patio. They want to sit down for dinner as a family with the setting sun before their eyes, and they want to spend time outside. Outdoor kitchens make it easier to want to spend time outside, so people love to have them.

Built-in Fire Pits

If your home is located somewhere with low temperatures in the fall or winter, this could be the best feature to add to your home. A lovely fire pit makes buyers envision cold nights by a hot fire roasting marshmallows with their kids, laughing with friends, and sipping hot chocolate. It’s all about helping potential buyers see their own family doing something enjoyable and fun, and this type of feature helps tremendously.


Wood decks are an all-time favorite. Homeowners love to have somewhere to place tables, chairs, couches, and even bar areas outside. They love to entertain, to get the family outside, and to enjoy their space. Decks are easy to maintain, they are also quality features, and few people ever look at a home with dismay when they realize they have ample space in which to entertain in their backyard.


It should go without saying your landscaping is the most important outdoor feature in your home. A closely cut lawn, trimmed hedges, and gardens that are well cared for speak loudly. It’s also helpful to have a pressure washed driveway, house, and a pretty front door. You want buyers to feel welcome, which is far easier when everything is clean and welcome.

Selling a home for sell by owner means putting up the best features in your home on your own. Outdoor living is popular no matter where people live, and playing that up almost always helps buyers sell. If you have something no one else has, you could be holding the key to a successful sale in the palm of your hand. Play up these features by adding a few if you haven’t already added them, and watch as buyers salivate over the idea of so much indoor-outdoor living in their new home.

Damien Justus

Damien Justus writes in the home improvement and real estate spaces, and is very passionate about health, cooking, diet plans, and anything that has to do with staying fit. He grew up in Oregon but now is a resident of Salt Lake City, where he has fallen in love with the snow and the people.

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