Realty411′s CRUSH IT! Real Estate Investor, Finance and Tech Expo is Expected to Attract Top Industry Leaders and Hundreds of Investors in Napa Valley.

Realty411′s CRUSH IT! Real Estate Investor, Finance and Tech Expo is Expected to Attract Top Industry Leaders and Hundreds of Investors in Napa Valley.


Realty411 and Bay Area Wealth Builders (BAWB) will host hundreds of investors from around the nation on Saturday, October 3rd for their CRUSH IT! Real Estate Investor, Finance and Tech Expo at the Embassy Suites in Napa, Calif.

The complimentary event is uniting investors from throughout the Bay Area as well as Sacramento, Stockton, San Jose and as far as Arizona, Nevada, Illinois, Florida, Arkansas, Utah, Indiana and Ohio. A continental breakfast will be served for early-bird guests of the event, which starts at 8 am.

Some of the topics to be discussed include: Buy and hold real estate, fix and flip techniques, mortgage notes, wholesaling real estate, private lending, tax liens, investing with a self-directed IRA and more.


The CRUSH IT! Napa Real Estate Investor, Finance and Tech Expo is held during Napa’s famous Harvest Season, which attracts guests from all over the world for wine-making fun.

“Our expo guests can come for the networking and top-notch education and stay for the wine,” says Michael Morrongiello, founder of BAWB, the area’s oldest real estate investor club and co-host of the event.

Some of the highlights of the expo include a special presentation by renowned self-storage educator Scott Meyers on the benefits of owning and investing in wine storage facilities. Plus, a complimentary continental breakfast will be served for early-bird attendees courtesy of Growth Equity Group.

To learn more information about this complimentary expo, please visit or see the event landing page at:



Napa Real Estate Expo

Welcome Everyone – Thank You for Joining Us.

8:00 am – Registration

8:15 am to 9 am – Networking Breakfast

Courtesy of Growth Equity Group (Chardonnay Room)

9 am – 10 am – Sensei Gilliland, Black Belt Investors

Learn About Remote Rehabbing Today – (Chardonnay Room)

9 am – 10 am – Kaaren Hall, uDirect IRA Services (Sauvignon Room)

How to Diversify Your Assets with a Self-Directed IRA

10:15 am to 11:15 am – Adiel Gorel (Sauvignon Room)

Your Local Real Estate Leader with a National Edge

10:15 am to 11:15 am – Brett Immel, Growth Equity Group

Find Out Where One of the Best Markets Is! (Chardonnay Room)

NETWORKING BREAK | Mingle with Exhibitors


11:20 am – 12:50 pm – Scott Meyers, Self Storage (Chardonnay Room)

Learn How to Invest in Self Storage Facilities – Bonus: Wine Storage!

11:30 – 12:30 pm – Michael Morrongiello, BAWB (Sauvignon Room)

How to Create CASHFLOW with Expensive Nor Cal Properties



1:30 pm to 2:30 pm – Merrill Chandler, CreditSense (Chardonnay Room)

Optimize Your Credit Score & Leverage Your Real Estate Investments

1:30 am – 2:15 pm – Rebecca Rice & Jim Beam (Sauvignon Room)

Increase the ROI on Your REI – Learn What the Rich Already Know

2:15 pm – 3:15 pm – Mark Hanf, Pacific Private Money (Sauvignon Room)

Learn About Private Capital from A Local Finance Leader

2:30 pm to 4:00 pm – Gene Guarino – ALF Training Academy (Chardonnay)

Learn How a Senior Assisted Care Home Can Generate a CA$H FLOW Tsunami!



3:30 pm – 4:15 pm – Mary Morrongiello, Real Estate Rogue

Property Flips: What to Do, What NOT to Do – (Sauvignon Room)

4:15 pm to 5 pm – Al Schwitzer, JOINING US FROM FLORIDA!

The Law Offices of Many Singh – Probate Riches (Chardonnay Room)

It’s Time to Network with Exhibitors!


Thank You to Our Sponsors:

Scott Meyers

Bay Area Wealth Builders

Black Belt Investors

Adiel Gorel – ICG

Credit Sense

LBC Capital

Successors Data

Pacific Private Money

ALF Training Academy

Equity Trust Company

Growth Equity Group

Real Wealth Network

The Real Estate Rogue

Rebecca Rice & Associates

uDirect IRA Services, Inc

The Law Offices of Manny Singh

CIS – Construction Inspection Specialists

Learn more about our expos, view this video:


Disclosure and Information – Attention All Attendees:

The events, expos and mixers promoted by, and/or their owners, employees, agents and affiliates (collectively “411″) are for informational and entertainment purposes ONLY. The information and presentations provided therein do not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy or sell securities or real estate. Please be aware that real estate investing is VERY RISKY. 411 is not responsible for any of the information provided and/or statistical data presented, and 411 does not represent that any information or opinions expressed and data provided reflect the opinions, advice and research of the vendors, speakers, sponsors, guests who are in attendance at the events, and do not reflect the opinions, advice or research of 411. By attending 411 events you acknowledge that the investment strategies mentioned may not be suitable for you, that any real estate investment is inherently risky, that all investments are subject to risks, which could result in the entire loss of your investment, and that 411 is not responsible for any losses or outcome of any investment made by you from or after 411 events, or as a result of contacts made at these events. You personally are 100% responsible for your due diligence, for all investment information and for all decisions with respect to any potential investment or transaction. 411 does not endorse, and has not performed due diligence on, any of the vendors, speakers, sponsors, companies and guests who appear at our events. The information presented at any 411 event related to any potential real estate investment is general in nature and does not constitute legal, tax or investment advice. 411 strongly recommends that you seek the advice of your trusted attorney, broker, CPA and/or financial advisor before taking action as an investor.

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