Using a Probate Lead Service Can Make Your Business Efficient and Profitable

By Leon McKenzie

Have you been working in the probate business for a while and aren’t sure you are making any progress?  Do you find yourself dreading your trips to the local courthouse, frustrated by the amount of paperwork to sift through, when you could be spending time with friends and family?  If this describes your situation, then it may be time to take a hard look at how using a lead service can save you time and help make you money.

Professional probate leads services are designed to fulfill the needs of probate investors in two major areas.  First, by using a probate leads service, you can have access to a customized list of probate leads that are located in the areas that you choose to target.  Secondly, taking advantage of a leads service can make your business run more profitably and efficiently.  These are the main reasons that highly successful probate investors take advantage of a leads service.

Probate Leads Fuel Your Business

When a loved one passes away, they generally leave quite a bit of property behind, which has to be sold by the Executor of the estate.  The Executor is the court appointed representative of the individual who has passed away and has the job of making sure that legal and tax paperwork is filed in a timely manner and, once the assets are sold, will make distributions to heirs as noted by the will or the court system.

Gary Digrazia writes, “In my Probate Real Estate business our life blood, of course, is the leads we work.  Estates have real property which needs to be sold to settle the estate.  Where do we receive the leads and how do we have a constant supply for now and future business?”  This is really a core question for every probate real estate investor to answer.  If you are working in the probate business, then you know that having access to data is critical in order to move your business forward.  As an investor, you certainly can take the time to visit your local courthouse to see the records in person.  When you are beginning your business, this is probably a good exercise in understanding the process of how probates are filed and what is necessary in ensuring that the property is sold and the profits are distributed.  Taking the time to see and understand the process can be helpful in gaining a broad understanding of how the probate process works.

That said, taking half a day on a regular basis to visit your local courthouse can become a drain on your business.  In addition to the travel involved in going, there is the use of gas, the time spent parking, paying for parking if necessary, and then the hours spent finding and locating viable leads.  While having access to viable probate leads is a necessary part of the business, it frankly might not be the best use of your time.

Using US Probate Leads Gives You an Edge

As an entrepreneur, how you spend your time directly influences the ability of your business to succeed.  Going to the courthouse week after week can eat up a good deal of the time that you have available to actually work your business.  While you are at the courthouse, you could be sending communications campaigns, meeting with potential sellers, networking with attorneys that specialize in estate law or speaking to business and community groups in the area, getting more exposure for your business.  Taking the time to dig through records simply might not be the best use of your time.  This is the reason that many probate professionals choose to use a probate leads service.  Said Leon McKenzie, the CEO of US Probate Leads, “Our researchers, numbering into the hundreds, are in county courthouses across the country finding a never ending stream of probate real estate leads. This really puts us in the unique position of being the only source of probate real estate leads with such a broad reach into this niche market. US Probate Leads is second to none when it comes to both the quality and the breadth of research that goes into providing you with prospects that are both well vetted and favorably located for you.”

Having probate leads that are focused on areas and types of property that you are looking for gives you an edge in the real estate market.  While other probate entrepreneurs might prefer to get their leads the “old fashioned way” by going to the courthouse, you can move right to contacting the Executor and visiting the property.  By the time a competing probate investor finds what they are looking for, you may have already made a deal!  This is one of the most compelling reasons to use US Probate Leads.

Why Do Executors Want to Sell?

Once a probate has been filed with the courthouse, in order to have the best opportunity to purchase it at a low cost, you’ll have to move quickly.  Having access to a lead service can keep you abreast of the changes in your area and immediately shows you new filings.  Finding out as soon as a filing has been made gives you a distinct advantage in providing you time to drive by the property and also in contacting the seller.  There are real reasons that you want to have access to this information so that you can make a deal.  While leads are generally good for up to eighteen months, there are many Executors that move at a rapid pace once a loved one has passed away.  They may do this for a variety of reasons.  If the Executor is struggling with grief, it may be easier to simply sell the family home to eliminate the painful memories.  Also, if the Executor lives out of state, they may feel the need to sell as soon as possible.  This is because they will be facing repairs and maintenance of a home that they cannot easily supervise.  Selling the home quickly is a way to eliminate that stressor.  Executors also may need cash in order to pay bills that have accumulated in the individual’s name, such as funeral expenses, tax bills, medical charges or credit card expenses.  By selling the home quickly they will have cash to cover these financial needs.  The Executor may also have no one who is willing to live in the property and may not want to be in the position of having to rent it out.

All of these reasons are what compels an Executor to move quickly when selling a probate property.  If you have access to professional probate leads then you can take advantage of making a deal to assist them in moving on from their family home.  This is an important reason to have a professional lead service identifying options in your area.

The Professional Probate Leads Process by US Probate Leads

It might seem too good to be true to be able to have probate leads delivered into your inbox on a regular basis.  With the US Probate Leads service, you can have just that.  Said McKenzie, “We have relationships with banks and credit card companies that utilize our service. These contacts have allowed us to establish a network of Data Researchers throughout the US. This network coupled with our proprietary data mining tools and processes allow us to access probate data at a cost which allows us to provide reasonably priced information to you. Our network of Data Researchers located throughout the US provides the first wave of data access. We couple that with proprietary tools and processes which allow us to access the data you need.”

What this means is that every probate investor working with the experts at US Probate Leads can have access to probate real estate records without the hassle of sifting through tons of other types of filings, saving time and effort.  McKenzie went on to say, “We provide all estate-related probates. Most probate courts also handle guardianships, conservatorships and cases pertaining to minors. There can be a great deal of excess information in these records – information that does not benefit you as a Probate Investor. We cull those records out and provide you records that have the potential for having real estate as part of the estate.”  Once the record has arrived to your inbox, all you have to do is to contact the Executor and follow up on a regular basis if it is a property that you are interested in pursuing.  This streamlined process is what allows probate investors to net huge profits each and every year.

Finding More than Just Residential Real Estate with Professional Probate Leads

When you choose to use a professional probate lead process like the one offered by US Probate Leads, you may find more than just residential real estate.  Many probate cases have homes, vacation homes, businesses, commercial property, apartments and personal property attached to them.  This means that there are many ways to profit.  Having access to information that will propel your business forward is a powerful tool in a competitive market.

Being able to access information about more than just residential real estate offers your business the ability to diversify as well.  Instead of simply buying and selling or holding and renting residential real estate, you may be able to find a business that will generate additional cash or add commercial or vacation homes to your portfolio.  Having leads gives you this type of flexibility which will allow you to adjust to changing market conditions quickly. 

US Probate Leads is the Expert in Probate Leads Service

Now that you understand why it is critical to have access to a probate leads service and how the process works, it is time to take advantage of what US Probate Leads has to offer.  Whether you are a new probate entrepreneur or you have been in business for a long period of time, you can be sure that adding automated data retrieval will give you a competitive edge in your business investments and access to the newest properties coming on the market.

Contact US Probate Leads today for more information on how we can assist you in accessing probate leads for your county.  Our trained, friendly team of probate associates will help you get set up in just minutes.  And, if you are looking for additional support, look to US Probate Leads for software, books, webinars, seminars and individualized mentoring programs that can take your business to the next level.  Call today!




US Probate Leads
Leon McKenzie
Chief Operating Officer

Leon cofounded US Probate Leads more than 12 years ago and has witnessed its growth during that period from a one city lead provider in the probate space to the only national provider of probate leads for virtually every county in the country.

Leon likes to point out that US Probate Leads is the only company providing Probate-related Real Estate-related leads to Investors and Realtors based on data collected directly from individual probate courts in virtually every state. This has been achieved by building a National Network of Researchers that visit each county one time each month. Leon’s team processes this incoming data and makes it available to individual subscribers for their use in reaching out to highly motivated property sellers.


5 Apartment-Hunting Secrets That You Need To Know

By Wendy Dessler

Getting The Best Living Situation

Apartments can be useful for a number of reasons, though they can also be expensive, and they can be a real hassle if you don’t choose carefully. Following are five considerations to help you make the best choice in terms of your rental living situation.

  1. Use Available Resources To Streamline Your Search

At The Urban Avenue you can get an idea of the city in terms of available apartment rentals; according to the site: “Whether you’re completely new to Dallas or have lived here your entire life, we can help you find the best available deal for your move-date.”


Wherever you happen to be apartment-hunting, you want to use resources like this to help you find the best possible options. Check out classified ads online and in local print publications. Ask around as well. There are sometimes rental opportunities that are unlisted, but if you get an idea of the local “spread”, you’ll likely find something which matches your needs.

  1. Know Gas And Electric Differences

Depending on your geography, this may not make a big difference. In Los Angeles, you’ve got to worry more about air conditioning than you do about heating. But if you do have gas or electric atmospheric controls, you’re going to have a different utility bill. You’re likely going to find that gas heating is less expensive than electric heating.

  1. Understand The Neighborhood And Cost Implications

Another example from Los Angeles, but worth considering: your neighborhood will affect both your cost of living, and your safety of living. Sometimes cheap apartments are that way because they’re in the middle of a high crime community. Sometimes they’re not centrally located, and the commute is high. But you can shoot yourself in the foot if you’re not careful.

Say you’ve always wanted to live in Hollywood because you’re some kind of aspiring performer. So you find an apartment for only $1,500 a month just off Hollywood boulevard. That’s actually not a bad deal at all. Sure, the apartment is a studio with a bed in the living room, an attached kitchen, a small bathroom, and nothing else. But it’s right in the middle of everything!

Meanwhile, just ten miles north of you, in San Fernando, there’s an apartment that’s three times the size, costs half as much, and is located in a less crime-ridden community. The catch is the commute. If you leave at the wrong time, or take the wrong route, it can take you two hours to travel that ten miles to Hollywood. What’s the solution?

Well, if you take the cheaper option north of town at $750, you’ll save $9,000 a year—in an expensive town like LA, you’re going to need that. It would be advisable to learn traffic patterns and adapt yourself to fit the more cost-effective situation. What’s the takeaway for you? Wherever you choose to live, know the neighborhood, cost, and travel considerations involved.

Also, know your own personal situation. If you’re a single guy, you’ve got a little bit more latitude than a newlywed couple, and newlyweds have more latitude than a family.

  1. Tour Multiple Properties

Don’t just take the first apartment which fits your price range, proclivities, and location needs. Look at five different apartments at least. Especially as you are on the hunt for a new living situation you’re going to have a temptation to settle. This may net you a bad lease, a bad deal, or a rough situation of some caliber that you’re stuck in.

A better way to go about it is to look at multiple properties and choose the best one. Find five that meet your qualifications, and go with the best deal in terms of location, neighborhood, utilities, and commute.

  1. Keep Copies Of All Paperwork

This is a strange one that you’ve got to be aware of today in the wake of Craigslist. There are going to be rental or room share or cohabitation opportunities out there which aren’t as “official” or “established” as that which was available in previous years. These are great ways to save money and get more for what you spend, but they’re also great ways to get stabbed unexpectedly in the back.

Imagine if you signed paperwork and paid a $500 deposit only to have the “landlord” of the property go “sideways” on you, demanding you do things that weren’t in the initial lease agreement. If you didn’t keep a copy of the agreement, you’re out of luck; it’s his word against yours, and he owns the property. If you’ve got a copy of the lease agreement, meanwhile, you can “keep him honest”, as the saying goes.

Getting The Best Apartment In Your Area

You can additionally check out this further list of apartment considerations to help you modify your search. It can be difficult to source a dependable rental living situation, but it isn’t without the realm of possibility. If you take your time, know what you’re getting into, scout multiple possible properties, and retain the paperwork after you decide, you’re likely to find a more dependable situation that will better serve your needs.



Probate Leads: Massively Discounted Properties in Your Market that You’re Not Getting… But Your Competition Is.

By Kristine Gentry, Ph.D.

VP of Innovation, US Probate Leads

“My market is crowded with investors and everyone is chasing the same deals.” That is usually what we hear when we first speak to a potential customer. They are often looking for a source of leads where there isn’t “so much competition,” and they are thrilled when they begin to realize we have a solution for them – marketing to probate properties.

Increasing Numbers of Properties Available at a Huge Discount

Baby boomers believed in collecting assets like real estate. Many are cash poor but asset rich. They often own property outright with no mortgage or at least have a lot of equity in their property. Often their homes are in great condition with only basic updates needed. We are entering a phase where baby boomers are passing their assets on to their heirs.

Generation Xers and Millennials, who are inheriting the assets of their parents, lived through the rise and fall of the 2007 bubble. They are often strapped with debt. When they inherit property from their parents, they suddenly find themselves responsible for paying all of the estate expenses with little cash to do so. Also, inherited property is often split between multiple family members, so offering $20,000 less on a property may only be a $5-10,000 loss per person. Since the heirs didn’t put money into the property, unlike a foreclosure or divorce, they are more interested in selling the property quickly than they are in trying to get as much money out of the property as possible. They want cash – quick.

Studies have shown that over the next 30-40 years, more than $30 trillion is projected to transfer from baby boomers to their heirs. This means that there will be a lot of properties passing through probate. Moreover, when property is inherited, most often the heirs will sell or transfer the title of the property within 18 months. Probate leads are a great and growing source for smart real estate investors.

Many Types of Properties Available in Probate

Real estate tops the list of probate assets that can frustrate heirs and impede the probate process. Anything from residential homes, to rental units, vacant land, office buildings, and even commercial property may be among the inherited property the Executor is left to negotiate.

Personal assets also generally fall into the probate property category. These include items such as valuable cars, heirloom pieces, pianos, jewelry, antiques, and other such pieces that may have been long forgotten or remain in state of familial limbo but still possess value.

Probates may also include business interests. More and more, heirs don’t want to be bothered with assuming control of the family business. And yet there is opportunity there as well.

A knowledgeable probate investor can work with the Executor, ease the burden of their job, and creatively get the family the cash needed to clean things up while creating their own income opportunity.

How to Get Probate Leads

The good news about probate is that it is public record and available at all county courthouses across the country. The bad news is that each county handles probate leads in a different manner. In some cases, it is a painstaking process of daily visits to the courthouse to manually collect probate data. In other cases, an individual can sort through public, county records that are available online. Either way, researching and collecting probate leads on your own is very time consuming and ineffective, which is why this source of leads is often overlooked. However, one company, US Probate Leads, developed around the need to make probate leads simple and easy to use. US Probate Leads has been walking people through this process now for over a decade.

A Probate Investing Program

US Probate Leads has literally taken the lead on providing timely and local probate filings to investors looking for a growing source of access to motivated sellers. We have a large team of researchers dedicated to doing the legwork of gathering and organizing probate leads so that you only have to buy and work those leads.

Investors can purchase leads at whatever level (25/50/100/250) they deem appropriate. Or, you can invest in a plan which provides you all of the leads available within a given county. A very affordable pricing structure and a guaranteed “in” as far as knowing what is available in probate filings, make this a wonderful opportunity for savvy investors. US Probate Leads’ flexibility is perhaps what makes their program most attractive. Getting in at whatever price point you’re comfortable with, and however many leads you can manage is certainly feasible.

Probate Leads Available Now – In Your Area

US Probate Leads has access to virtually any county in the United States, meaning regardless of where you live, you can start receiving leads monthly. Go to the US Probate leads site:, click on your state and get started. Or you can contact them directly at: (877) 470-9751. Now is the time to make your mark in this little-known niche – never before have more properties become available than will in the coming years.  Becoming a US Probate Leads subscriber could really be the start of a whole new future, a more lucrative career, and an exciting investment opportunity.




Having Trouble Finding “Good Deals”?: Use Probate Leads to Diversify Your Lead Source and Find Motivated Sellers

By Kristine Gentry, Ph.D.

We’ve all heard that the real estate industry is changing.  Investors often wonder – “How can I find properties worth investing in?” With more and more competition in the marketplace, challenges in getting loans, and cautious homeowners staying put, it can feel like it is impossible to find property that you might be interested in purchasing for your real estate portfolio.

What new and experienced real estate investors are seeing in the market is a fundamental change that may last for the foreseeable future.  Overall, the nation is experiencing a shortage in the amount of properties that are being put on the market, leading to a lack of leads.  This is creating increased pricing on homes that are for sale and issues in trying to build and acquire a real estate portfolio.

Does This Mean Real Estate is a Bad Investment?

In short, the answer is no. Real estate is not a bad investment and has proven to be a very good investment over time. However, investors are probably changing their investment strategy and looking at markets that still have “room to grow.” In addition to looking to new markets, some investors are looking to expand their source of leads.

Housing Shortage Equals Inflated Prices

Most economists will tell you that the biggest drivers in the market are supply and demand.  As you can imagine, decreased supply in the housing market means that pricing has skyrocketed, something that real estate investors simply cannot afford when they are looking for business opportunities. These historically high prices mean that people who are making less money have to spend more of the income that they do have on a home.

Surviving the Shortage as a Real Estate Investor through Probates

If you are interested in continuing to work in real estate, then you know something has to change.  Real estate investors have a limited amount of options when facing a market like this.  Some investors have simply moved on to other business opportunities, while others have succumbed to the increased prices, which have hurt their business and their balance sheets.  But, there is a segment of real estate investors who have found a profitable way to deal with the challenges of the housing shortage by finding a new source of leads.

While many investors are only looking at the traditional segments of the market – single family, residential homes that are for sale by families who want to upgrade that are listed on the traditional MLS-style forums – there are other homes on the market that can be purchased at a significant discount.  Properties owned as part of a probate are widely available and can be purchased for well less than comparable homes in the area.  In fact, there are an estimated 100,000 probates entering the market each and every month throughout the United States.

Probate properties are those homes, apartments, multi-family homes and commercial sites that were previously owned by an individual who has passed.  The local court then appoints an Executor to ensure that these homes and other properties are sold to take care of paying medical bills, funeral fees and other obligations.

Probates Provide Motivated Sellers

Once you start working in probates you will understand why Executors are motivated to sell their properties quickly and for a substantial discount.  Each Executor is responsible to the court to ensure that the assets of the individual who has passed have been liquidated in order to meet financial obligations and provide an inheritance to the individuals left in the family.

Executors not only feel the pressure to sell because of the court, many also feel the need to sell quickly because of other pressures.  While Executors can be a family attorney or an accountant, many times the Executor is a family member who has responsibilities of their own.  They may even live out of state and making repeated trips to show a home or apartment building can be nothing short of challenging.  Executors also understand that, in addition to time constraints, the home their family member owned may not be fully updated.  In addition, most Executors have to split the profits of the home sale with other family members. All of these conditions provide the opportunity for homes and other properties in probate to be purchased for a fraction of the current market value.

Finding Probate Leads

Now that you understand the value of having access to probate properties in this challenging economy, you may be wondering how to get access to them.  Many individuals who are starting a probate business decide that going to the local courthouse is the best way to look for opportunities in their area.  This can take time, as you need to allow for travel to and from the courthouse as well as time evaluating filings to see if there are holdings within the probate appropriate for your business.  As you can imagine, this can take away valuable time from your growing investment business, your family, and the job you currently hold.

There is a better way.  By using a professional probate lead service you can have up-to-date information and leads delivered right to your inbox on a weekly basis.  With no more trips to the courthouse, no time wasted looking at complex filings that are hard to understand, you will have more time to go out and evaluate properties and opportunities.  Unlike traditional leads in the current real estate market which can be nearly impossible to find and create the environment for high pricing, there are literally thousands of options for probate purchases each and every day. And, as Baby Boomers grow older, these leads will only continue to grow.

Build a Vibrant Real Estate Investment Business with Probates

Having access to leads on a regular basis means that you will be able to find success in probate real estate investing.  With time, patience and a carefully thought out business plan, you can be sure that having these leads will make an enormous difference in your ability to purchase homes and other properties at a favorable price. The key to success in probate is making sure you buy leads from a high-quality and trusted provider. Then, you must reach out to Probate Executors and continue to do so for a minimum of six months. This allows you time to truly work probates and to patiently await those Executors who do not want to sell immediately.

Probates also help you to diversify in that they are not limited to residential real estate. What you will find is that you may come across and Executor who has inherited apartment buildings, multi-family units, businesses, vacation homes, and even personal property, including antiques, artwork, and vehicles.  The variety and opportunity with probates is endless because there is always a supply of leads available.

The Most Reliable Source

Are you looking for a reliable lead source for all of your probate investment needs?  The experts at US Probate Leads offer the highest quality leads available on the market today.  Our certified lead specialists visit nearly every courthouse in the United States, constantly evaluating new probate filings and making those available to our investors.  In addition to our premium lead service, we also offer services that can keep you informed on the newest trends in the market. We can also work with you on your mailers to help you easily reach out to Executors. Contact our office today to learn more about our lead service, monthly newsletter, e-books, seminars, webinars and even our individualized mentoring program.  Contact us today to speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives.


Kristine Gentry, Ph.D.

VP of Innovation

US Probate Leads


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