Two of the Best Tactical Minds in Investment Property Financing Team Up

By Time Houghten

The new Bighaus-Chapman mortgage alliance offers a new capital partner for real estate investors navigating financial purgatory.

Merging two SNMC branches together, these mortgage masters offer a stark contrast that stands out on the investment property financing landscape. This strategic alliance unites two of the best tactical minds currently available in the mortgage business, with the backing of one of the largest and fastest-growing mortgage lenders in the U.S. And, intelligent investors are finding an interesting match in leveraging a business partnership that packs a ton of value.


Steve Bighaus, Security National Mortgage Company Branch Manager, says that the new underwriting inquisition is here to stay. And it could get worse!

Whether it is new appraisal systems that have been created to generate additional revenues for other providers, or demanding a written, verified, and quality controlled ‘confession’ of your life’s deeds, there is a new status quo in underwriting. While in some ways it has become easier to qualify for a loan on the surface, getting from loan application to closing may take an army of 300 Spartans guiding you home with sharp spears and over-sized shields. So while CoreLogic reports there are still some almost 15 million underwater and “under-equitied” homes in America, in addition to a fresh batch of foreclosures in 2015, real estate investors still need a fearless and wise guide to unlock the potential out there, and optimize financial leverage.


Merging two SNMC branches together these mort-gage masters offer a stark contrast, one that stands out on the investment property financing landscape. They are instantly recognizable, have a very unique style, and yet perhaps most notable is the fact that they have been in the mortgage business for longer than anyone else you’ll probably ever meet. They have both been in the financial industry since well before 2000, which gives them a veritably unrivaled edge in experience in an industry where it is hard to meet anyone that started before 2008. But it is often their mental agility, and refreshing commitment as long-term business partners to their investor clients that make them highly-prized assets.


To not just survive this long in the mortgage industry, but thrive and grow, and have investor clients coming back for dozens of transactions as they grow their income property portfolios, requires a mind that plays on a whole other level than the thousands that have fallen into the abyss.

In fact, there is no question that more real estate investors would have survived and thrived in the last couple of decades if they had paid more attention to how those they chose to do business with kept themselves sharp. Steve Bighaus, who runs operations in Washington state, says he is religious about hitting the gym, as well expanding his love of music from the drums to learning the vibraphone, and experimenting with jazz improvisation. Aaron Chapman who heads up the Mesa, Ariz., office survived a crushing motorcycle accident in 2008, yet continues to volunteer with the local Sheriff’s Office Volunteer rescue unit. His specialties include technical-high angle, off-road rescue & extrication, as well as being a member of their elite six-man helicopter rappel team.

These are battle-hardened warrior financiers and tacticians that know how to help investors strategize to stay ahead of the game, assess and successfully navigate calculated risks, and win the long race.


The Bighaus-Chapman mortgage team offers intelligent property investors a specialized team to aid in optimizing and growing their portfolios, to hit their individual goals, no matter whether that is having un-limited money to make it rain, or fulfilling philanthropic aspirations.

Aaron explains: “The business is evolving to need specialists. If one hits their head and has complications as a result, they don’t have the family general practitioner perform brain surgery in his office. Their situation requires a specialist. Not just any specialist, but they want the best. Investment lending is no different. Why go to a general lender who offers any kind of program available when there are specialists in what they need?”

Steve Bighaus describes the mortgage company coalition as a holistic service that aids investors in getting from where they are, to where they want to go, and incorporating all of their real estate financing from residences to second homes, to rental properties, and even commercial properties.

Specifically this financial duo act almost as business partners or your CFO, only without having to take on the burden of a giant salary or having to give up a share of your investment portfolio. They provide assistance in financial tactics, the heavy lifting and manpower to get it done, and the capital. Investors just pay the interest and borrowing costs.

Discover more about this dynamic team and the investment property loans offered, visit online at

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