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The Latest Realty Investing Information, Incredible Connections and Life-Changing Education are All Here and Free for Readers.

Realty411.com is ready to assist real estate investors begin, manage and grow their portfolios wisely by providing up-to-the-minute education, plus valuable connections.

Currently, five educational conferences are scheduled — two virtual events and three in-person summits. Below are details and direct links to all of our events.

During these event, guests will discover life-changing information and top networking opportunities, both virtually and in-person. It’s time to expand your knowledge, and grow your real estate portfolio to a new level of success.

Learn from the Ladies Who Rock Real Estate

First, a new Ladies Who Rock Real Estate event is scheduled for Saturday, June 26, 2021. Beginning at 9 am, amazing ladies will begin to spill their secrets of success for our listeners. Our past Ladies Who Rock Real Estate virtual events have attracted hundreds of investors across the nation. Don’t miss this amazing day of education and online interaction, CLICK HERE for more information.


Next, Prepare for a Weekend of Investor Education and Motivation!

Get ready for a weekend of real estate investing education and extreme motivation on Saturday, July 24th and Sunday, July 25th. Reserve tickets for this weekend now, and prepare for a special complementary VIRTUAL investor conference.

On this impactful weekend, Realty411 will unite the most successful, knowledgeable, and savvy investors in the REI (Real Estate Investing) industry to help our readers make educated decisions for 2021, and beyond. Thousands of investors have attended Realty411′s Virtual events since the pandemic halted live networking. Discover why these virtual weekend conferences are so popular, CLICK HERE to register.


The Latest Niches in Real Estate Investing + Connect with Influential Investors from Las Vegas and Beyond

Celebrate Our New Issues, Learn Time-Tested Strategies in Real Estate + Connect with Influential Investors.

It’s time to unite in Las Vegas for an incredible day of learning and networking. We are truly excited to be returning to Nevada to meet our readers and Meetup members. As a bonus: Our complimentary event features complimentary breakfast for our early-bird guests. Be sure to join us starting at 9 am for coffee, pastries, plus a buffet breakfast.

This incredible day of networking and education will feature real estate industry leaders, both locally and from around the country. Don’t Miss this ONE DAY OF Insight and Strategies.

Learn from TOP Leaders in REI, local and national experts will be here. To reserve your ticket, please CLICK HERE.


Prepare to Celebrate Real Estate Investing in a Post-Pandemic World with REALTY411

Learn the latest creative investing strategies, plus connect with influential investors from across the nation right here in Irvine, California. Join us and network LIVE AND IN-PERSON. This is our FIRST live event in California — Network with amazing leaders.

Are you ready to grow your real estate business, portfolio and network? We want this VIP summit to expand your mind and contacts — and help you succeed.


This is Your Chance to meet TOP Leaders in REI, Local & National Experts

  • Learn from Leaders & Industry Pros
  • Meet Local PLUS Out-of-Area Investors
  • NON-Stop Tips for Real Estate Success
  • Bring Lots of Business Cards

Don’t miss this wonderful day of education, networking and motivation, CLICK HERE to reserve your seat as we only have limited availability due to size restrictions.


The Annual Los Angeles Real Estate Grand Expo is Back at a Spectacular Venue

We are proud and excited to announce the return of the Los Angeles Real Estate Grand Expo. Our Grand Expo returns on Sunday, October 31, 2021 (Halloween day), 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, at the spectacularly beautiful Skirball Cultural Center.

The theme of this year’s Grand Expo will be “How to Invest in a Post-Pandemic World.” Our Grand Expo will be presented by the Los Angeles Real Estate Investors Club, Sam’s Real Estate Club, and Realty411 magazine.

At our last Grand Expo (2019), we had over 800 investors, 64 vendors, and 12 national speakers! It was the largest real estate investor event in Southern California that year. And this time, it will be even larger as we celebrate the end of the pandemic. Join us for a special day to celebrate real estate investing as only Southern California can.

There will be twelve national guest speakers (in three breakout rooms) and a Vendor Expo area (the size of two basketball courts! Best of all, the Grand Expo will be FREE to attend and parking will also be FREE.

Plus, there is no traffic on a Sunday so the Skirball will be very easy to access. This Expo is going to be big, very BIG! You can see a partial list of speakers on our website, www.LAGrandExpo.com. Don’t delay in registering as nearly 400 tickets have already been reserved — tickets may not be available after 1,000 RSVPs.


MORE INFORMATION ABOUT REALTY411 – The Longest-Running Magazine and Expo Company in The Nation

Based in Santa Barbara County, Calif., Realty411.com publishes digital/print magazines, e-newsletters, plus produces virtual expos and in-person events around the United States. The company’s mission is to educate and empower everyone to invest in real estate. The company is owned by an accredited real estate investor and 17-year licensed real-estate agent.

Many events Realty411 has produced over the 14 years in business have also raised awareness and donations for numerous organizations, which focus on children, assisting the homeless, victims of domestic violence, animal welfare, and helping our military members.

For more information, call: 805.693.1497 or visit http://Realty411.com or visit event website: http://Realty411expo.com We welcome telephone inquiries, please contact us directly, call: 805.693.1497 or info@realty411.com


Realty411′s Virtual Investor Event – Connect with Experts Live Here

Prepare for a Weekend of Live Investor Education and Motivation!

Get ready for a weekend of real estate investing education and extreme motivation on Saturday, July 24th and Sunday, July 25th. Reserve tickets for this weekend now, and prepare for a special complementary virtual event unlike you have ever experienced.

On this impactful weekend, Realty411 will unite the most successful, knowledgeable, and savvy investors in the REI (Real Estate Investing) industry to help our readers make educated decisions for 2021 and beyond.

Realty411’s Virtual Investor Conference will begin at 9 AM PST on both days. The online event is complimentary to attend, to reserve your space, CLICK HERE.

Joining us on this special conference to help guide our readers will be HIGH-LEVEL industry experts ready to spill their secrets of success. Get educated, motivated, and prepare for success in 2021, and beyond.

Realty411 wants to make sure all their readers and long-time investors absorb the right information to take them to new levels of success.


With nearly 14 years experience in hosting live real estate industry events, in twelve states, guests can rest assured they will learn time-tested tips and crucial techniques. Discover why Realty411 is the leading publication worldwide for real estate knowledge, strategies, tips, techniques, and information.

Some of our long-term magazine readers have been following the footsteps of the publisher in purchasing investment real estate even before she began to publish Realty411 in 2007.

Her years of experience as a investor, journalist, and real estate agent has directly resulted in multi-millions of dollars in real estate transactions being closed across the country annually. She ensures each virtual and live event hosted by Realty411 has solid educators.

Realty411 has also significantly expanded business for many real estate-related companies, such as private lenders, mortgage brokers, property managers, and more, in numerous states, as a result of direct referrals and media outreach.

Normally, virtual events of this caliber are hundreds of dollars to attend, but Realty411 is making this special weekend conference COMPLIMENTARY for everyone.



Realty411′s 2021 VIRTUAL Investor Expo – Learn REI Lessons Online from Experts


This January, Realty411 magazine will once again unite the most successful, knowledgeable and savvy investors in the REI (Real Estate Investing) industry for ONE SPECIAL INVESTOR WEEKEND!

Realty411‘s 2021 Virtual Investor Conference will be held the weekend of January 23rd and January 24th, beginning at 9 AM PST. The online event is free; however, replays will not be made available.

Joining us on this special conference to help guide our readers will be HIGH-LEVEL industry experts who will be donating their precious time for all of our readers.

Realty411 wants to make sure all investors start 2021 with the right information to take them to new levels of success.

Some of the important educators joining us for this special educational weekend conference, include:

  • PropStream - Introducing 2021′s Best Real Estate Tool for Investors. Discover Why PropStream is Creating Waves in the REI Industry.
  • Gene Guarino - Founder, RAL Academy — The Industry’s National Authority on Residential Assisted Living Discusses Why there is Enormous Opportunity in this Niche for 2021 and Beyond.
  • Teresa Grobecker, MBA, CPRC (Real Estate/Investment Banking & Tech Expert) – Trends in Real Estate: Winners and Losers, Plus What’s In Store for the Year Ahead. Get The Edge on 2021.
  • Justin Ford, Top Producing-Broker – Detroit, Michigan – Learn the Power of Prospecting with a Multi-Million-Dollar Closer. The Techniques Justin will Share Will Skyrocket Your Agency/Brokerage.
  • Michael Lally – Founder, Lally Wealth Management — Discover Why Real Estate Investors Should Diversify Their Portfolio with Stocks. PLUS: How to Create Constant and Diversified Cash Flow and Growth.
  • Leon McKenzie – Founder, US Probate Leads – Learn Why Probate Properties Remain the Most Untapped Niche in Real Estate and How You Can Profit From It. Learn from the a Respected Industry Leader!
  • Randy Hughes, “Mr. Land Trust” – The Nation’s Authority on Land Trusts Will Explain Why Every Investor Should Use this Strategy.
  • Mark Robbins, J.D., CEO – Lending Resources Group, Inc. — Investing Your Retirement Funds in Real Estate Non-Recourse Financing.
  • Kaaren Hall – CEO of uDirect IRA Services –Build Tax-Free Wealth with a Self-Directed IRA Starting Today.
  • Paul Finck – The Maverick Millionaire — Maximize Your Mindset & Transform Today’s Negative Landscape Instantly.
  • REI COVER FEATURE: Brandon Cobb - Owner, The Home Buyin’ Guys — Discover How Brandon built a $9M Annual Real Estate Flipping Empire in Less than Five Years! Brandon Walks Expo Guests Through a Flip in Nashville, Tennessee, as If We Are Onsite!
  • REALTY411 COVER FEATURE: Sunil Tulsiani - Founder of Private Investment Club — Sunil is a Best-Selling Author and International Speaker, He Has Worked with Such REI Giants as: Robert Kiyosaki, Robert G. Allen, Kevin Harrington, and more.
  • EMCEE: Linda Pliagas -- Publisher, Realty411 & REI Wealth — Welcome to 2021. It’s Our Mission to Help You Succeed this Year, Here’s How We Plan on Accomplishing This During the Pandemic.
  • EMCEE: Desiree Doubrox Founder of HomWork — Discover How this Creative Real Estate Investor Designed the PERFECT Home / Work Situation for Busy Professional Women.
  • EMCEE: Jeremy Rubin - The Friendly Flipper — Coming straight from the Central Coast of California, Jeremy will Reveal Tips for Flippers Everywhere. Replicate His Success.
  • EMCEE: Dave Grimm, End 2 End Results — Dave is an Expert in Lead Generation Techniques for Serious Real Estate Investors.



With nearly 14 years experience in hosting live real estate industry events, in twelve states, Realty411 expo guests can rest assured that the best companies and professionals in the industry are invited.

And, for our first virtual event of 2021, we’re bringing many of these awesome experts together for one special online conference.

This is the place to learn time-tested tips and techniques from some of the industry’s most sought-after leaders.

Normally, virtual events of this caliber are hundreds of dollars to attend, but Realty411 is making this special weekend conference COMPLIMENTARY for everyone.

Guests must register in advance to reserve their space, only 500 “virtual seats” are available, so please register now:



Expo guests will have the opportunity to learn from some of the most successful leaders in the industry all in your home or office. Plus, guests can chat DIRECTLY with each educator to get their questions answered, in real-time.


Stay tuned as we finalize additional speakers for Realty411‘s January event, we will update this page with more details soon, including a detailed list of speakers and topics.



RSVP for Realty411’s Fall Expo: Virtual, Live + Interactive


Realty411′s Fall VIRTUAL Investor Expo Spotlights NEW SPEAKERS – Join Hundreds LIVE to Learn from Leaders

Back by popular demand, Realty411 is hosting their Fall Virtual Weekend Investor Expo on Saturday, September 12th and Sunday, September 13th.

The complementary weekend online event features non-stop learning with some of the country’s most renowned real estate investors and industry leaders.

Beginning at 9 am PST (Pacific Standard Time), Realty411 will host a non-stop online Interactive Expo, and once again, top industry speakers, both veteran as well as burgeoning super-stars, will spill their secrets (and shortcuts).

Receive our Realty411 Resources for the ultimate success in life as a real estate investor!

Once again, some of the most renowned names in the REI industry will be in attendance for this amazing online two-day conference.  Some leading experts who are joining us, include:

  • Kent Kinzer, marketing director of Equity Trust. A family-owned Ohio-based company, Equity Trust is an industry-leading custodian of alternative assets in tax-advantaged accounts. Their 45-year track record of excellence is unmatched;
  • Merrill Chandler, founder of Credit Sense, is a legend in the credit restoration industry who has led the transformation of the personal and business borrowing space. Get fundable here and never worry about capital for deals or business;
  • Dutch Mendenhall is founder of Tax Auction Investors. Dutch Mendenhall, a loving father and husband, currently runs three real estate investment funds. He creates positive returns every year for his investors. Dutch is a gifted visionary who has very different beliefs than the average fund manager/leader. He has made his investors millions of dollars. Dutch’s experience includes residential, commercial-assets, low-income housing, luxury-housing, assisted-living, self-storage and apartments;
  • Hector Padilla known as “The Chairman”, this legendary investor and broker has personally closed over $90M in real estate deals. Hector has also invested well over $300,000 on his REI education. He has learned with some of the most respected “Masters of Real Estate”;
  • Bill Walsh® this powerhouse is considered one of America’s top mentors. Mr. Walsh is the CEO and founder of business coaching / venture capital firm Powerteam International. He hosts and has spoken at events all over the world. His passion is to empower entrepreneurs and business owners to create massive success;
  • Alan D. Pollack, CCIM, president of FindMeDealsNow.com – Alan Pollack has been a licensed California real estate broker since 2001. Prior to the market downturn of 2008, Mr. Pollack specialized in commercial, NNN, and Tenants-in-Common (TIC) participating in over $50M of placements. Beginning in 2003, he provided 1031 safe harbor parking strategies, as well as providing life-style change and estate-planning strategies for clients. He is the author of the recently released book, “How to Cash In on Distressed Real Estate in a Down Market”. He is a noted lecturer and trainer;
  • Hannah Kesler operations manager with The Money Multiplier, a family-owned business that teaches investors how they can start leveraging their purchases to build wealth faster. Hannah is passionate about sharing her family’s knowledge to empower millennials to take control of their financial future early on;
  • Jay Butler is managing director of Asset Protection Services of America. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts (BFA) from Boston University. Jay builds his relationships through consistent attention to detail and reliable support. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States (having visited 49 of the 50 states), explored 36 nations worldwide and has lived in a total of seven countries throughout North America Central America the Middle East North Africa and Europe;
  • Dave Grimm founder of End 2 End Results and other companies, has helped raise tens of millions of dollars from national and accredited investors for many real estate syndication deals. Currently he is focused on the science behind social media for company growth;
  • Seti Gersbherg MBA founder of REI Blade will once again assist as an emcee at this expo. REI Blade is a revolutionary new software that helps private lenders focus on what they do best: Raise capital;
  • Cliff Gager veteran real estate expert — Cliff has been in the real estate business since 1992 starting in the residential mortgage lending world as a loan officer for a national mortgage company. Cliff teaches real world strategies that really work. Write down your toughest questions for Cliff — bring it on;
  • Kathy Kennenbrook, known as the “Marketing Magic Lady”, has developed a direct-mail system that drives in motivated sellers by the herds! Kathy holds a degree in accounting and co-authored the book “Walking With the Wise Real Estate Investor”, which also includes real experts Donald Trump Suze Orman and Ron LeGrand;
  • Dr. Teresa Martin, Esq., director of the only official National REIA chapter in Manhattan New York, Dr. Martin has helped thousands of personal investors particularly women and people of color gain the confidence and know-how to take charge of their finances;
  • Jill Lublin, international speaker on the topics of Radical Influence, Publicity, Networking, Kindness and Referrals. She is the author of 4 Best-Selling books including: “Get Noticed…Get Referrals” (McGraw Hill) and co-author of “Guerrilla Publicity and Networking Magic.” Her latest book, “Profit of Kindness”, went #1 in four categories. Jill is a master strategist on how to position your business for more profitability and more visibility in the marketplace;
  • Linda Pliagas publisher of the longest and most-recognized real-estate media brands in the industry: Realty411 and REI Wealth. Linda has been on a mission to help investors since 2007 with the release of her first Realty411 issue. Her company has produced expos in 12 states, reaching thousands of investors in person. Realty411 reaches tens of thousands of investors via their numerous websites, social media accounts, email campaigns, videos, and podcasts;
  • The early-bird and most motivated of students will also receive “Achieve: Secrets from Successful Entrepreneurs”, a complimentary e-book by legendary investor, Robert Allen, and Sunil Tulsiani, founder of Canada’s largest REI group Private Investment Club;
  • PLUS, MORE AMAZING EDUCATORS AND GIFTS TO BE ANNOUNCED! This is one special virtual event that seasoned as well as burgeoning investors must make time for.


Remote Working

Remote Working Trend to Grow Further After COVID-19

By David Mashian


As we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic remote working is one of the new trends that has been ignited, and it looks like it will be here to stay after this crisis passes. Working remote is the new normal, as far as this quarantine period goes, and it will be a new work option offered employees going forward. In fact, Indeed, the online job board, has created a remote working category for employers and job seekers alike. Companies seeking to tightly manage costs are realizing the cost benefits of a remote workforce, and the trend looks likely that past on-site employees will be shifted to permanent remote positions.

An unexpected consequence is that some of this remote work will be shifted out of state or offshore, where labor is cheaper. A business owner I know was resisting putting his employees to remote work positions, but soon realized that he can also shift a lot of his expensive domestic labor abroad and save costs. Unfortunately, this will have a negative impact for local or domestic jobs.


On a positive note, people having to live in expensive parts of the country will be able to move elsewhere, save costs, improve their quality of life and keep their job. The Location Premium that employees pay, such as people who work in Silicon Valley tech jobs to be in Silicon Valley, will be mitigated by employees who work remote. In fact, this bodes well for an improvement in quality of life for many people who choose to work remote or go out of state to cheaper areas of the country. Similarly, this will help lessen crowding and traffic in big cities.

Doing meetings virtually has gone up dramatically, and companies like ZOOM, GoToMeeting and others are taking off. Even Google added virtual meetings to its suite of services. I am hearing that busy executives like these online meetings because it saves them time travelling by plane or car, and that they get more done as a result of the time savings. My executive friends say that once their lease on their office ends, they will not be renewing their lease having tasted the benefits of working remote. They like the savings of rent, parking, gas and time.



Given the increase of remote working, it is easy to conceive that many companies will start to reduce their office space after COVID-19, so office properties will be directly impacted. I personally have seen tenants moving out of their offices during this pandemic. The flip side to this is that many remote workers will likely want to have flexibility for a workspace of their own, other than their home, so executive office companies should benefit. Companies as We Work, Regus and others will likely be able to take advantage of this shift in the marketplace by getting better locations, and lower pricing. Other contenders include incubator spaces for business and technology startups. Similarly, office property owners will need to rethink what amenities they offer to attract and keep tenants, such as dining, coffee shop, gym, shared space, outdoor meeting space, or even convert buildings to mixed use.

Bottom line, in this crisis, opportunity also looms, and the old players and roles will shift. Accepting the situation and adapting to it by implementing creative vision will bring wealth and success to those who take the risk.

Headshot Cropped

David Mashian

David Mashian is the founder and CEO for MoneyMac Loans. David started MoneyMac because he personally experienced and realized that small businesses and entrepreneurs could not qualify for loans under the traditional bank lending standards. MoneyMac is a nationwide lender dedicated to providing investment real estate loans for residential 1-4, multi-family, mixed-use and commercial properties. David provides asset-based investment property loans give financing for tough to qualify borrowers, including W-2 employees, self-employed entrepreneurs and small business owners. MoneyMac focuses on the property’s value and the borrower’s credit, without using bank statements or tax returns.

David is a proven real estate industry leader, who has helped many companies transform their business goals to reality. He has a high degree of real estate experience and expertise spanning from real estate finance, brokerage, sales, leasing, brokerage management, and franchising of real estate brokerage companies. Using his wide base of connections to brokers, investors and industry leaders, David has put together many deals for joint ventures, debt & equity raises, acquisitions, and real estate sales. David graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, and teaches Real Estate Principles at the University of California, Irvine.

LIVE WEBINAR: Kansas City vs Dayton, Ohio

Dear Realty411 Reader,

You are invited to join Phil Alexander from Maverick Investor Group on a live webinar this Tuesday, where he will break down two of the hottest rental property markets this year:

Kansas City and Dayton, Ohio.

They are very different markets, so…how do you decide between the
two? What are the real differences, and…which one is best for your real estate investing criteria?

Listen to a market-comparison, where we break down these two markets side-by-side so you can understand the differences and determine which is the best fit for YOU.

LIVE WEBINAR: Kansas City vs. Dayton, Ohio: A Turnkey Real Estate Market Comparison Tuesday, August 27th at 6pm PT (9pm ET)

The webinar will include a private buying opportunity for cash-flowing rental properties in BOTH Kansas City and Dayton.

You will get access to off-market single-family rental properties that are fully renovated with tenants and local property management in place.

PS: This webinar is LIVE so you can get your personal questions answered at the end of the webinar!


All in a Day’s Work (shop)!

Crush It! – 2019 Learn The Secrets of Real Estate Success

In the first months of the year, the Bay Area Wealth Builders Association (BAWB) presents an all-day workshop called “Crush It! – 2019 Learn The Secrets of Real Estate Success”. This author attended last year’s Crush It class held in February, 2018, and another one is coming up on Saturday, March 23, 2019. Here is what to expect.

The Theme

At meetups, the author typically meets three categories of people:

  • “Newbies” who are aspiring to invest in real estate,
  • Investors who are doing one or two projects, typically “fix & flips” and,
  • Seasoned investors who are fairly well “set” with a portfolio to their liking, who are out for the evening socially as much as anything else.

“Crush It! -2019″ is designed to give “newbies” a “jump start” as well as a sound foundation all in one day, and to also provide season active investors some serious tools, skill sets and insights that might otherwise take them months or years to accumulate. Therefore, the concepts and content discussed and taught at this workshop are highly-concentrated, and the instruction is fast-paced. This equates to a tremendous high value versus the cost of the event in terms of time and money.

Instructor and Guest Presenter

Michael Morrongiello is an author, education, and long-time active real estate and real estate “paper” investor who specializes in “fix & flips” property rehabilitation projects primarily in the North Bay region, north of San Francisco, as well as investing in and trading real estate secured “paper” (i.e., notes, mortgages, trust deeds). Over his 35+ years in business, he has completed thousands of transactions, and he is an active investor who is “in the trenches” on a daily basis. Thus, the teaching and instruction given are extremely practical, real world, and immediately useful, unlike many so-called “guru” teachers who recite what that have copied in the past from others.

Michael teaches his CRUSH IT! Full day workshop only one time each year so it’s wise to catch it if you can. Many attendees come back year after year as he keeps the material relevant to the various market cycles we may find ourselves in. Also, unlike many seminar promoters, he has no hard “upsell” offerings to additional boot camps, coaching, mentoring, joint-venturing, education courses, and the like. The class is pure high-quality content! This is his contribution to the investing public, along with being the founder and organizer of the fantastic monthly meetup called the Bay Area Wealth Builders Association (BAWB) www.BAWB.info which is now in its 19th year of holding education meetings, and always has a large turnout at its meetings and workshop events.

At this year’s CRUST IT! -2019 event, there will be a guest presenter, who is with one of the largest national data providers and an expert in the area of “Data Mining”. The use of data to uncover probable and profitable property opportunities is of paramount importance to the savvy investor and their marketing. There are many companies offering various types of data or leads to real estate investors, but they often are resellers, essentially reselling data they acquire from his, one of the three largest data providers. They mark it up, and resell it. At CRUST IT! -2019 you will be able to listen and learn from the real source.

Evaluating Prospective Deals

One of the most important skills for a beginner or an experienced pro is learning how to distinguish a good deal from a marginal deal, from a bad deal. Market prices fluctuate and are declining to varying degrees around the country, so it is vital to know and understand local market conditions, as well as how to analyze the deal itself.
An essential part of evaluating a deal to wholesale or to rehab is estimating the necessary rehab costs. Part of the day will teach you how to prepare an inspection repair estimate in 20 minutes, or less.

Buying Right!

Once an investor buys a property THEY OWN IT, for better or for worse! It is important to construct “profit guaranteed” offers. You need to “buy right” all the time as this will keep you out of trouble. Michael’s teaching includes many tips and traps when negotiating with property sellers, and overcoming their concerns and objections.

Business Entities

Having the proper business entity for your operation is important from both privacy and taxation standpoints. It turns out that entities used often are different for buying and “flipping” properties rather than for “buy and hold” property purposes. This is an important topic to learn as the consequences can be very costly.

Residential Redevelopment

Fixing up a residential property for sale can be complicated. Not the least is hiring a contractor, or several trades, with the necessary bonding, insurance, license, bids, contracts, and so on.
Zoning and building codes often enter into the mix. And financing the project is another major consideration. So, it’s important to get your “residential redevelopment” projects up and running timely as costs can add up!

Getting Leads

The only way to stay in business is to generate consistent leads and “deal flow”. There are many sources of leads to discounted properties and distressed sellers. Some are more productive than others. It’s important to know which ones are most useful in terms of your cost and time expended. This is outlines during the day of teaching.

Additional Topics

There is a lot of ground covered during the day, but some additional topics covered are:

  1. Dealing with MLS-listed or bank-owned properties vs. private sellers
  2. How to attract and safely use private money
  3. “Tax-free” investing
  4. The 3m’s of marketing
  5. Creating y our own marketing campaigns geared to your budget and skill sets
  6. Doing the right paperwork (VERY important!)
  7. Marketing messages and semantics
  8. Boosting your response rates significantly in your marketing


This Crush It!-2019 Full-day workshop, and its modest cost is one of the best values around in the author’s opinion. Michael says that with the right education and knowledge real estate investing can be easy fun and profitable. I couldn’t agree more. More details, additional information or to register can be found at:

Bruce Kellogg’s Biography

Bruce Kellogg has been a Realtor® and investor for 36 years. He has transacted about 800 properties in 12 California counties. These include 1-4 units, 5+ apartments, offices, mixed-use buildings, land, lots, mobile homes, cabins, and churches.

Mr. Kellogg is a contributor and copy editor for two national real estate wealth-building magazines: Realty411, and REI Wealth Monthly.

He is available for listing, selling, consulting, mentoring, and partnering. Reach him at brucekellogg10@gmail.com, or (408) 489-0131.

Bradkay - Steve-055OR

The SKY is the LIMIT for Former Pilot Turned Houston Property Investor & Manager

After his job was threatened by the aftermath of 9/11, Steve Rozenberg, co-founder of Empire Industries, LLC realized that obtaining financial freedom through investing in property is a much surer way of building wealth than working for someone else.

“I’m an airline pilot by trade,” said Steve. “I fly for a commercial airline, and so after 9/11 hit, I was on the verge of being out of a job. That’s when I realized that I needed to do something else to earn money because that secure job didn’t look quite as secure as I’d thought.”

“So what I did, is I started learning everything I could about real estate. I started trying to understand it. I read a book a week on real estate and I devoured as much information as I could so I could figure out this new society…this new language that I was engulfed in.”

“Then I started buying some houses. I sold a few houses, then ended up buying an apartment complex. I sold the apartment complex and started buying a bunch of low income property, which is probably my biggest mistake.”

Steve met Pete in 2005 and the two began flipping houses together before switching to a buy and hold strategy. Then, after buying twenty low income houses within a year and a half, the two realized they’d made a mistake.

“We realized why we shouldn’t have done that. All of a sudden we had a huge waterfall of problems attacking us from all angles; so we did what any normal male would do, we turned around and bought another 15 properties to try to fix the problem, which really just ended up being like gasoline on the fire for us. It just ended up making our problems ten times worse!”

The solution they created for their problem became Empire Industries, LLC.

“So to solve the problem we’d gotten ourselves into, we had to create a management company of our own, just to manage our own properties.”

“This is how the management company got started. We started it out of necessity, from the result of making our own mistakes of buying the wrong properties, but also figuring solutions out for that.”


Today, Empire Industries, LLC is the fastest growing single family management company in Texas. They manage about 750 properties in Houston and Dallas, and have a client base that spans the globe. Investors from California to Japan use Empire Industries for their property management needs.

“We’re the number one referred management company by REALTORS®” said Steve. “We give referral fees to our agents and we make them look good. At the end of the day, what an investor wants is a property that is going to make them money and not give them a headache.”

“Empire Industries is a full- service property management company. Our services run the gamut, from helping people find properties to managing their investments; we do it all from an investor’s perspective. Because we’re active investors ourselves, we’re looking at the market from that mindset. We are in the business of helping investors find properties that match their goals.”

“Often, beginning investors fail to see results because they don’t have policies, procedures and structures in place…they run it off of emotions, not a business model.”

“What I always tell people is that when it comes to owning a rental property, you own a business. Whether you have one or fifty properties, you run a business. Fair housing, discrimination…all of these laws that dictate what you do as a landlord say that you’re a business and the only one that does not realize they’re a business is the owner.”

Investors choose Empire Industries, LLC because they’re more than a property management company. As active investors, the founders are in “the heat of battle of owning properties.”

“We look at it from an investor’s perspective,” said Steve, “As a partner, not as just a customer/client relationship. This means our goal is to help them be successful and to reach their financial goals, whatever those goals may be.”


From hundreds of free videos to free ebooks, investors have access to a huge resource of information…for free…from the team at Empire Industries, LLC.

Ask any savvy investor and they’ll tell you…learning as much as possible about investing in property is key to achieving success.

“Most importantly, have a plan,” said Steve. “If you don’t have a plan and you don’t have goals you need to talk to someone like myself and figure out what your goals are so that when you’re trying to find a deal you can know what that deal is, based on your goals.”

Steve Rozenberg owns a property management company based in Houston Texas. It is currently the fastest growing PM company across Texas. Because of his extensive knowledge and background being an international airline pilot flying Boeing aircraft such as the 737,757,767 and the famous Dreamliner 787 he has been able to take that knowledge of systems, structure and checklists to help create a company that while being an airline pilot went from 0 – 600 properties in under 4 years without buying a single rent roll, all through learning and mastering marketing and sale techniques. This knowledge won his company a National Award of Best Marketing in North America by ActionCOACH Business Excellence Award earning a 1435% return on their marketing dollars. Steve’s company Empire Industries has since partnered with the owner of ActionCOACH to help grow their company across the US. Steve is still currently an international airline pilot and is also stepping on stages as keynote speaking in areas such as motivation and drive, marketing, systemization and checklist mindset and methodology across the United States as well as other international cities.

Saving for education

Own Your Kid’s College Home: ONE PARENT’S STORY – $4,000 for 3 Years of Housing

By Kathy Fettke

If you’re challenged by the high cost of college housing, there are ways to offset your expenses. One California parent says her method is not only cutting college housing costs down to the bone, it’s also providing a valuable “life lesson” for her son.

Saving for education

Kaaren Hall of Irvine, California, is a single mom with two kids in college. Her business, uDirect IRA Services, helps people self-direct their IRA’s to invest in alternative assets, like real estate.

She’s seen many investors get creative with their investing, so she decided she would too.

Hall, who has 20 plus years of experience in mortgage banking, real estate and property management has two children: Lauren and Mitchell.

Her daughter Lauren is going to UC Berkeley outside of San Francisco, and her son Mitchell is going to Kansas State in Manhattan, Kansas.

While she couldn’t find a solution to the high cost of living in the San Francisco area where starter homes cost about a million dollars, she was able to help her son buy a home in Kansas for $144,000.

And because Kaaren was a former mortgage broker, she also knew how to get creative with loans. She and Mitchell only had to come $4,000 out-of-pocket.

Financial Solution to College Housing Expenses

The low home price is only a small part of this financially-elegant solution to her son’s housing needs. Their story begins two years ago in 2015. They bought the house with 3.5% down on an FHA owner-occupied loan. Mitchell was the primary borrower and Hall was the non-occupant co-borrower. They offered $147,000 on the home, got accepted, and put down $1,000 in earnest money. The additional $3,000 was used for closing costs. The total upfront cost was just $4,000.

Hall says this solution might not work for everyone, but it’s a good opportunity for some parents. She says: “It might be easier than people think. I don’t know if FHA still offers that program where you can be the co-borrower. But two years ago it did. Lending rules are always changing, but at that time you could do it, and we did.”

Their next strategic move was to turn the 3-bedroom home into a 4-bedroom home, with permits. Mitchell is now living in one room rent free and getting $500 for each of the other three rooms. That’s enough to pay the mortgage, and his truck payment! They also increased the equity on the home by increasing the number of bedrooms.

Basically, the home is now paying for itself, and they will benefit over the long-run from the equity, and appreciation. When you compare the situation to the one in Berkeley, Hall says: “It’s the tale of two cities. The amount it costs for my son’s mortgage payment, all in, principal, interest, taxes, and insurance, in a house that four people live in… is the same as my daughter renting a room with two other girls in Berkeley.”

Real Life Lesson for a Son in College

Kaaren’s son is also gaining some very important experience. By making good on the loan, she says her son will get out of college with “an incredibly decent credit rating.” He’s also learning how to be a landlord and how to deal with issues like an overflowing toilet that turns into a mold problem. She says it’s all fixed now, but he had to put on his “responsibility cap” and get it resolved.

Kaaren said, “It’s a big change from his former days when she had a hard time getting him to take out the garbage. Now he does it out of “pride of ownership.”

She doesn’t know what they will do yet when he graduates. They will probably continue to rent it out but it will be a whole different ball game. Her son is the on-site “landlord” right now, and he’s bringing in personally-screened tenants. When he graduates, they will have to hire a property manager and accept tenants they don’t know.

Kaaren says: “It’s a great option for a kid. Mitchell’s had to learn some things. He’s not just a roommate. He’s the boss of the house. So he’s learning how to be an authority figure.”

Finding the Right Deal on a College Home

Location matters in any real estate deal, so you will have to run the numbers on potential college districts. If there’s more than one college or university on a list of candidates, you might want to factor in the savings or revenue from home ownership as opposed to dorm or rental expenses before the choice is made. It could help sway a decision about where to go.

Mitchell received an athletic scholarship, which landed him in Kansas. With real estate in his Mom’s background, they checked out homes in the area, and found one three miles away.

Here’s some of Kaaren’s advice for parents: Find a home that’s as close as possible to the school. The closest ones may be more expensive, even if they are older and in need of more maintenance. She says her son’s home is further out, but close enough to campus, and is only about ten years old and in good shape.

Tax rules are also an important consideration. If the parent is the primary owner, it might be possible to designate the home as a second family home and deduct 100% of the mortgage interest and property taxes. You can also buy the home as an investment property and “rent” it back to your child. Tax deductions are even better on investment property, as repairs, taxes, insurance – and most expenses can be deducted. (This is not tax advice! Always speak with your CPA or tax advisor for your specific situation.)

Another option: A parent may be able to give a child up to $14,000 a year to pay that rent. Two parents can give a total of $28,000. As always, there are always rules on top of rules, and they change, so check with your tax accountant.

Other benefits of owning your child’s college digs include fixed housing expenses and housing stability. The child won’t have to go through the summer move-out and the rush to find a new place in the fall, and there will be no “surprises” about how much the next rental will cost – especially if the loan is on a fixed rate.

Hopefully, the ownership scenario will also provide a more productive environment for, let’s say, doing something like… homework. But with 4 roommates in the house, you shouldn’t count on that.

Author Kathy Fettke is the founder and co-CEO of Real Wealth Network. You can reach her at kathy@realwealthnetwork.com.

Co-author Donna Behrens is podcast producer and writer for Real Wealth Network.





In this Exclusive Interview, the Real Estate Mogul & Serial Entrepreneur Discusses Markets, Goals, Family, and his REI career.

Interview by Linda Pliagas

Recently our team had the opportunity to interview one of the most well-known and respected real estate entrepreneurs in the industry, Kent Clothier. We discussed everything from his most recent Find and Flip Summit to discovering who some of his greatest mentors are.

In this memorable interview, Kent also shares some touching personal photos and discussed how real estate investing can give individual investors the freedom needed to fully enjoy family life.

Realty411: Kent, you recently wrapped up the Find and Flip Summit with Grant Cardone. What was that all about?

KENT: The Find & Flip Summit was all about showing investors how to take the “next step” towards financial freedom. We had an amazing group of speakers and trainers from around the country coming – myself, Grant Cardone, Sean Terry, Pat Precourt, Justin Colby, Elena Cardone, Chris Clothier, Brett Tanner, and Frank McKinney are just a few of the big names joining us this year.

In fact, at last count, this outstanding lineup has bought and sold over 8,000 properties, sold over $1 Billion in 2017 alone, and manages or owns rental portfolios valued at over $1.3 Billion.

It truly was an incredible event showcasing the best-of-the-best, and it created massive impact to the hundreds of attendees who attended.

Realty411: What are some markets that your team is most interested in acquiring properties in?

KENT:Memphis, Phoenix, San Diego, Oklahoma City, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, Las Vegas, and Little Rock are just a few of the markets that we are currently really focused on.

Realty411: Can you give our readers some advice on how they can get their investment career to the next level?

KENT: Pay close attention to who you are learning from. Do they have the scars? Do they have the experience and wisdom you desire? Are they living the life that you desire or are they just really good at marketing?

Your mentors should have bullet-proof systems, processes, online trainings, and lead-generation systems. We have worked really hard over the years at REWW and Memphis Invest to truly demonstrate what it takes at every level of the game and to be leaders in the market for anyone to follow.

Realty411: Who are some of your mentors or people who have impacted your way of thinking?

KENT:I have had mentors my entire life that have helped guide my career. My father played a critical role in early business and leadership development. He pushed my brothers and me harder than most people would think is normal, but it paid off. Outside of him, there have been a ton. Specifically, Sal Ricciardi, Roland Frasier, Frank Kern, my uncle – John Bloodworth.

Realty411: As a real estate entrepreneur, you are diversified by having an array of products such as 1-800-SELLNOW, Find Motivated Sellers Now, Find Cash Buyers NOW and Find Private Lenders NOW. Do you believe in diversifying in different markets as well for your real estate portfolio?

KENT:I do. I own properties or notes in Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, and California. To your point, I have business interests in many facets of real estate, digital marketing, online training, software as a service, an investment fund.

My partners and I are always looking for ways to expand our reach and add to our portfolio of companies and properties.

Realty411: Kent, what are some of your goals for 2018 and beyond?

Kent: I am very excited about 2018 and our road map. We have great outlook and game plan to continue to expand our reach through our Boardroom Mastermind program and our REWW Academy program.

We feel there is a real void in the market right now and an area that is undeserved.

That area is the “tweener” investor or agent. What I mean is: There is a huge swath of people that know how to do the transactions and are making some money, but it’s not even close to being a business. Equally, there are a lot of people out there that have a great circle of influence – like a Meetup group or REIA – but have no idea how to turn it into a business.

No one is talking to these people and certainly not providing them with real leverage points to help them turn the corner and FINALLY get what they want….financial freedom. We can do that for them.

We have a highly-acclaimed online training academy (REWW Academy) that we have spent an enormous amount of money to develop over the last two years with a team of Ph.Ds. We used a proven learning ISD format (just like they do with college courses) and brought in the best experts to teach these classes.

So now, here we are with this massive asset that literally anyone in the country can leverage and point their team members, new hires, local network, local meetup, or local REIA club right to it to get trained by the best in the business.

They can buy it for their own purposes or sell it as a service to their group and get paid a commission by us. Bottom line, it’s “plug and play” and is a complete “white glove” business in a box for them.

The same is true of our Boardroom Mastermind This has quickly become the premier real estate investing mastermind in the country with almost 200 members from around the country.

Again, it’s an easy place for people to get their teams trained by the best, rub shoulders with the brightest and most successful investor network in the country, and help to grow and monetize their own network if they desire.

In closing, I’d like to point out that we have invested in a lot of infrastructure, so others won’t have to. They simply need to step into our world and let us show them how to make it their own.

Realty411: How did you and your family turn your real estate passion into an empire? When did you decide to leave your previous occupations and focus only on real estate?

KENT:We all came into the business in the early 2000s in different cities and for different reasons. I was in South Florida, Chris was in Denver, and my father was in Memphis. It wasn’t until the mid 2000s that we really began to understand that we were doing something unique with our business model, our marketing, and our customer service. At that point, we turned the corner and went all in and decided we are going to become leaders in this industry because, quite frankly, there was just a sea of mediocrity out there, and we couldn’t stand it.

Realty411: What are some of your favorite ways to unwind and rejuvenate?

KENT:I love to hang with my wife and kids. Love to go to the beach here in San Diego, go paddle boarding, or just travel the world.

Realty411: Real estate is a relationship-based business, what are some ways investors can create rapport to enhance their careers?

KENT: Decide what your core values really are and only communicate from that place. What do you stand for? What do you stand against? Why are you doing what you’re doing? Why does your business matter? What impact are you trying to create in the market?

You see, people want to belong. We are all looking for our tribe and want to surround ourselves with people that inspire us or make us feel better about life. So, being clear on who you are first and then being very “out there’ with that information, allows people to quickly connect with you.

It also allows you to cut through all the noise and confusion and just surround yourself with people that are going to build you up, make you better, and make this business more successful. It will also allow you to easily run off the naysayers and time vampires. They won’t want anything to do with you. Best part, either way – you win.

Realty411: You’ve stepped back from speaking at many events, how can our readers learn from you if they cannot attend a live event?

Kent: We are not hard to find. We have hundreds of YouTube videos, Facebook posts, blog posts, articles, and a big social media presence. Go look up “Kent Clothier” or “Real Estate Worldwide” and you’ll find a ton of stuff out there.

But in the end, there’s nothing like one of our live events and getting that “raw-and-uncut” information straight from the horse’s mouth. Do whatever it takes to get there, but I’ll make it worth your time. Guaranteed. :)


Photographs courtesy of Kent Clothier. For Kent one of the best parts of being a real estate investor is the freedom to spend time with family. In these photos Seema, his wife, along with their daughters enjoy quality time with Kent.