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The (Bad) Spend Trend

By Gabby Darroch Einstein once said, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.” And when someone with a brain that powerful and with knowledge that brilliant tells me to pay attention, guess what I’m going to do–pay attention! What he’s […]

Mortgage Defaults

By Stephanie Mojica With an unprecedented national and global economic crisis, real estate industry experts have varying opinions on how the situation will affect mortgage defaults. “The pandemic-induced closure of non-essential businesses caused the April unemployment rate to spike to its highest level in 80 years and will lead to a rise in delinquency and […]

Differences Between a Policy Loan and Withdrawal

By Gabby Darroch I know many people have had the concern when it comes to taking a loan from their policy. Typically, loans have a bad connotation. But that is because taking a loan from your neighborhood bank ends up losing you money. Taking a loan from your policy, however, ends up doing the exact […]

4 Reasons You Should Always Repay Your Loans

By Gabby Darroch If you’ve been with me for a while, you know you are not required to repay your policy loans. And if you’ve ever wondered, “If I don’t have to repay my loans, why should I?” let’s set the record straight. The Caveat In the initial stages of using your policy it’s important […]

VA and FHA Mortgages & the Housing Boom (Part 2)

Military Experience Eligibility for VA Loans How does a retired or active military personnel member qualify for a VA loan based upon their military experience? * An earlier discharge date for a service-connected disability may still qualify you. ** Officers who separated from service after 10/16/81 may be eligible. For more details, please visit The […]

VA and FHA Mortgages & the Housing Boom (Part 1)

By Rick Tobin The most flexible and easiest qualifying mortgage loan product in America is the VA (US Department of Veteran Affairs) mortgage loan. Between 1944 and 1966, approximately 20% of all single-family homes built or purchased were financed by the VA home loan program for active military or retired veterans of World War II […]

The Better Alternative to Your Retirement Account

By Gabby Darroch Today I want to spend a little time clarifying exactly what makes the Infinite Banking Concept different. Different from any other banking system, financial institution, or retirement you’ve ever seen or heard of before. This will help you understand why The Money Multiplier is the best system for your money. There are […]