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Want to Build Your Probate Business? You Need a Great Lead Source!

By Leon McKenzie Today’s real estate investors face the uncertainty that a changing market brings. From issues with lending to interest rates and disclosures, building a real estate business can be a daily challenge – though one that can be met with hard work and a dedication to the industry. If you are building a […]

What’s in a Name?

By Randy Hughes I recently read an article on the internet by Anna Sobrevinas about the names of people who own expensive homes. She said, “These are some of the names of owners of the most valuable homes nationwide, with ‘Stuart’ in the lead with a median home value of $334,022, according to a new […]

12 Steps to the Closing Table and the Big Check

By Kathy Kennebrook (The Marketing Magic Lady) Okay, so your property is under contract, you’ve pre-qualified your prospect; they are working with the lender and everything is moving right along, right? Not necessarily. There are several steps to a successful closing and we are going to cover those one by one. Now remember, once you […]

Are you FUNDABLE, or Do You Just Have a Good Score?

Lenders only make money when they lend, right? Well, you would’t know it from the way lenders keep borrowers in the dark about how to be a good borrower and qualify to borrow their money! You would think that lenders would be bending over backwards to teach, coach, and instruct borrowers on how to be […]

Trust Strategies

By Randy Hughes After using Land Trusts to hold title to my real estate, contracts and notes for the last 40 years, I have discovered that 99% of the population does not understand the nature of a Land Trust nor the many benefits that can be derived. I consider this good news. Because of their […]

Probate Investing: Getting Inside the Mind of the Executor

By Sharon Vornholt Today I want to talk about getting inside the mind of the executor. Most people know that probate investing is my favorite real estate niche of all. This group of sellers is very motivated to sell any property in the estate. Once you can understand the seller’s viewpoint, it’s easy to see […]