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Investment Strategy: BRRRR vs. Filthy Riches

By Larry Goins Larry Goins on the BRRRR strategy and Filthy Riches… Not too long ago, founder of Realty411 Magazine, Linda Pliagas and I were hanging out with some fellow investors in Texas. If you know Linda, she has a fantastic personality, is a serious magazine editor, and is great at bringing people together. She […]

All-Inclusive Trust Deed or Mortgage

By Al Lowry An all-inclusive trust deed or mortgage is also sometimes referred to as a wraparound or overriding trust deed or mortgage. This is a trust deed or mortgage that is subordinate to, yet includes all the encumbrances to which it is subordinated. But sometimes in connection with refinancing. It is easier to illustrate […]

What’s Your Best Investment Strategy?

By Ramon Tookes Real estate investing is and will always be one of the best ways to build wealth. As with any investment, you must have a strategy. In real estate, three main strategies are wholesale, buy and hold, and fix and flip. Most people think that fix and flipping is my favorite strategy, but […]

The 10 Most Common Questions I’m Asked About Probate Investing

By Sharon Vornholt I love working in the niche of probates, but that’s not true for all investors.I think the reason is they just don’t have the knowledge they need about probate investing and how the process works.Probate investing is not that much different than other niches, but because the property is part of an […]

The 10 Deadly Mistakes That Will Kill Your Dream

By Kathy Kennebrook (The Marketing Magic Lady) I am frequently asked, “If you had it to do over again what would you do differently?” Well, I’d like to answer that question for you. There are several things you can do to help your business grow and several things you can do to kill the dream […]

If Money Could Talk…

By Reggie Brooks Please don’t misunderstand me; I am not your miracle or your savior. I’m only a medium of exchange to be used as a tool to create your chosen lifestyle. I am not the root of all evil as some of you have believed over the years- I am vital to a prosperous […]